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October 1, 2023

Parenting Care: 5 Baby Products You Should Bring Home Today

  • March 9, 2022
  • 6 min read
Parenting Care: 5 Baby Products You Should Bring Home Today

Once you bring your bundle of joy to the home, everyone will give you a heap of advice on all the must-haves your baby needs in the first few months of life. But, once a baby is born, a lot of your time gets involved with adjusting to the new routine. Most of the time, you will find yourself juggling between taking care of the baby and yourself, so the trick is to prepare in advance for the arrival of a newborn. Your little bundle of joy requires a lot of care and understanding from you every day. While this could seem mind-boggling, we are here to help you with five essential baby products you need to bring home before you hit the wave of parenthood.

Opting for Baby products: Baby Care Essentials you should have at home

It is not too impossible to believe that caring for your little ray of sunshine would need a lot of preparation and thoughtfulness. We recommend that you opt for baby products made of safe and natural ingredients. This would keep you worry-free about the safety of their regular usage too.

Let’s walk through our edits of must-haves for your little one!

1. Sterilizer: Our mothers would sporadically boil bottles, but that is too much of a hassle now. Simply put, a sterilizer keeps your baby’s digestive system and immune system from being infected with any harmful bacteria. Babies have under-developed immune systems and thus need to drink from clean bottles. Experts recommend sterilizing until your baby turns a year old to allow your little one to develop immunity gingerly. 

2. Nappies: When you think of a newborn, the first thing that comes to mind (apart from adorable) is nappies. Babies expel a lot of soiled nappies, especially during the first few weeks. We suggest you purchase modern cloth nappies is the best option out there in the market.

Depending on which brand best matches your baby’s needs, you can go about buying the remaining in bulk. But that’s not the only deal- you also need baby wipes, nappy rash cream, and dusting powder in the process. Again, this can be an overwhelming task for first-time and seasoned parents. 

3. Soap/ Shampoo: For the time until your baby’s umbilical cord falls off, doctors suggest giving a sponge bath to the baby. After that, you can continue bathing them daily, or three times a week or so. Look for no-tears formulas that go easy and gentle on your baby’s sensitive and tender skin. Opt for brands that offer toxin-free baby care products.

Also, avoid sulfates, phthalates, parabens in baby shampoo or soap. Being a new parent, we understand that initially trusting the baby products can be confusing. With so many options to get your hands on, always trust your motherly instincts. No one understands a baby’s need better than the mother herself. 

4. Lotion/ Moisturizing cream: Going beyond the basics, you should also safeguard your baby’s gentle skin from the nagging weather conditions. A baby’s skin is thinner and more sensitive than an adult’s. It is also less resistant to bacteria and triggers that can cause skin irritation or dryness. An appropriate cleansing and nourishing moisturizer will create a barrier and prevent most baby skin woes. 

The trick is to use baby products that are non-greasy, light, and gentle. After you bathe your baby, you should pat them dry and gently put on some moisturizing lotion or cream on them. You would also want to use baby sunscreen while stepping out with your little coco. 

5. Grooming/First Aid: A baby’s first-aid kit will help you pick things for his health and safety you might need when your baby is sick. You can hold off buying pain relief until your baby is three months old. You would also need grooming products like nail clippers and hairbrushes every day, so buying a nail clipper and a soft-bristled baby hairbrush online should help.

6. Sleep: Keep loose bedding like quilts and blankets and soft objects like pillows away from the baby’s sleep area. This is where sleep sacks come in. Wearable sleep clothing is preferable over blankets that could cover the baby’s face or tangle around their neck.

Good Kaiya Angel long sleeve sleep sack with adjustable hemline can adapt different environmental temperatures. No need to worry overheating, or babies get cold in an air-conditioned room. Two-way zipper also are easier for diaper changing.

Opting for baby products is not as tough as it seems!

That’s it, see, it wasn’t as overwhelming as it seems to be. While there are many baby products in the market that make your life easier, the truth is that you can only trust a few of the brands. One of the brands that have the eyes of the new parents is Mamaearth. We have asked a lot of seasoned parents about their brand of choice when it comes to their baby needs, and Mamaearth is the name everyone has whispered all around. 

Mamaearth is a brand by the parents for the parents. It is Made Safe Certified, cruelty-free, and PETA-certified, making it the best fit for new parents’ choices. Besides, it commits to making environmentally sustainable choices and recycling twice as much plastic as it used like no other brand in the Indian market. 

With every purchase you make, you contribute towards making a greener Earth as they plant a tree with every purchase instigated by the customers. Mamaearth products for newborn babies, toddlers, and children include baby shampoo, baby oil, skincare products, baby bath products, baby diapers, and baby oral care range. 

Let’s discuss some of Mamaearth’s best sellers range.

  1. Mamaearth Milky Soft Face Cream is enriched with Almond Oil and Murumuru Butter. These ingredients deeply nourish your baby’s delicate skin, thus promising a hydrated, soft, and supple layer on the skin. 
  2. Mamaearth Nourishing Body Wash for Babies comes packed with the goodness of glycerin, coconut oil, and jojoba oil to help nourish your baby’s tender skin. It gently wipes away dirt and grime with nourishing agents like Aloe Vera and Allantoin. Rest assured, it has a tear-free formula that ensures a safe and happy bath time for your baby.
  3. A 100% natural, dermatologically tested, and Made Safe Certified Mamaearth Nourishing Hair Oil counts among the must-have baby products. It is the goodness of natural ingredients like almond, jojoba, and sesame oils that nourish your baby’s delicate scalp, improve hair texture, and soothe the cradle cap.

A word!

While you may be tempted to buy all the baby products on the shelf, remember your baby mostly needs your love and attention. While you can do many things to care for your baby, the process would always begin 8with picking the right products for them. For new and first-time mothers, parenting is an overly exciting phase of life, and we suggest you try the products mentioned above for the best experience.