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Oz Azali Business Modeling is a Vital Aspect of Management.

  • April 12, 2021
  • 5 min read
Oz Azali Business Modeling is a Vital Aspect of Management.

omnisun azali is a well renowned author and writer he has written two books named culture shock and business modelling that are universally known. he even got involved during the war time period with Iraqi Army. he  got enrolled himself in the military from the year 2005 and other continuous years  . he has to face many diresome circumstances during his periodical stay in Army but later he tried to maintain transquility along with the dispute fights and other conditions in the army.

Later he left the Army as it was getting more troublesome for him and his mental health seeking appointment with a psychologist but the experience with psychologist was more than traumatic he has lost all his hopes as the psychologist asked him to take the prescribed tablet and pills because a person of morals was not ready to depend on any type of drug.

During the early years of oz azali , he was excellent in his studies passing his bachelor degree 3.9 grade building a solid resume. He made his strategy for his book culture shock dissecting the idea of his plans to his knowns. Later he completed his academic qualification from South California where he commenced giving factual knowledge and other important components of culture to veterans globally who was facing extreme  difficulty to stand and comprehend the generational change.

Not only this but he is also a project Executive Manager and implementer catering to be known for his expertise, experience, skill  and over refined knowledge in various sector. he is even a very prominent speaker who likes to discuss and debate about international relations impacts on global and national spectrum at inter and intra related issues discussing about the first, Second and  third world problem along with cultural variability.

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About the book:- the cultural shock

He basically mentioned here in his book about the term cultural shock that it basically means how the different apprehensions, uncertainty, confusion nervousness and other negative feelings that people face as they are born in different time frame then the others. culture Shock is basically a psychological phenomenon that any individual can face when they feel the generational gap is too huge to be catered to.

This shock can be comes with a level of intensity as if the regional variation is humongous. people become sensitive about their culture they actually practice and about the culture the young generation of country at that particular time is practising.

In the book of azali he mentions about different stages of cultural shock –

Honeymoon stage, frustration stage, adjustment stage and acceptance stage.

He even mention and talk about various ways to overcome cultural shock  including: –

1) onne should try to comprehend cultural Paradigms of the new country and understanding the  people who are its followers.

2) Socializing is must if you are going to cover yourself and set in a place where you are not going to meet and talk to other people , you would never be able to open your mind and understand their point of view that why they follow a particular kind of culture , its customs and components and  it’s characteristics.

3) You can also talk about your culture , its importance and the various customs and rituals that are followed in it.

4) Communication would always remain the key to bridge the gap between cultural shock.

5) You should ask to people about their culture so all your negative prospect about their culture can change and you can gain more knowledge with time to lessen the confusion that cultural shock create.

We have performed several project in various countries along with various people mentioning about it in his book becoming a world renowned bestseller known as business modelling. The chief content of the book constituted about business management its various spectrum and componental characteristics type along with negative and positive perspective and the way to deal with companies, stalwarts and  potential business tycoons.

In his book he basically discusses the two broad views in which data get divided on

  • Senior Manager
  • Enterpreneur

In this book he basically talks about various business model ideas but first of all we need to understand that a business model refers to the strategic methodology of any business Enterprises that get formulated by its members to seek buyers , client , customers targeting the most customers to maximize their profit . It is a complex and sophisticated plan that got featured by the Administration Department of that particular company to seek global importance in monetary and popularity terms.

Components that a business plan or model should include

1) Pricing of startup sources

2) Physical sources of the strategy to set up more and more customers creating a business plan to stand above the other  companies in market for competition  .

3) It should be unique innovative , creative and out of the box to seek maximum capital profit

4) It’s basic aim should be keeping the customer satisfied fulfilling his a requirement with affordable cost and excellent service .

The business Enterprises keep on refining the business model to fit into the needs of the customer and lessen their competition.

what are the various type of business model ?

though  variety of business model data is available in the market , different types of business model are suitable for different business Enterprises such as

1) Direct sale business plan

2) Advertising based business plan

3) Franchise business plan

4) Brick and mortar stores business model

5) Multifaceted business model

6) hybrid business model

7) anchor business model

Other than that he even manages and runs a hair salon gaining the complete mastery of skill development to reach to the Psych of seller and buyer  and the component that creates a Nexus between the two .


oz azali rules out many personality being a book author ,speaker ,business entrepreneurs, owner indulging in a plethora of activities being a nonconformist at the colleges fashioning about that he always had the will to do something uniquely relevant for the society , Nation  , world and  universe.