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September 27, 2023

Optimizing Digital Marketing Campaign with PR

  • May 23, 2023
  • 3 min read
Optimizing Digital Marketing Campaign with PR


Digital PR is always bandied about by many marketers as a top digital marketing technique every campaign should consider. In the whirlwind of numerous moving parts, the focus on digital PR tends to drift away for other broader digital marketing practices.

In itself, digital PR is an effective tool to give a campaign the impetus to accelerate in terms of growth and visibility. Its inextricable link with media attention and coverage make it a sizable opportunity for digital marketers to consider investing their time in.

The influence of digital PR in digital marketing training is also relatively marginal. While it is covered as a topic in most learning modules, from an online program to a digital marketing course in Delhi, its practice in the practical world is less discussed and talked about.

The reason behind this is the static difference between online media outlets and digital marketers who have to work together to ensure digital PR becomes a viable exercise. The difference between the two parties is yet to shrink enough to make digital PR a widely used exercise.

The relatively low use of digital PR across different digital marketing teams is a great incentive for digital marketers to seek out an edge over their competitors and have an advantage others do not have access to.

In this article, we will discuss how a digital marketing campaign can be improved with the help of digital PR.

Link Building and Domain Authority

One obvious benefit of digital PR is getting a natural backlink to shore up a website’s search rankings as well as further improve the domain authority. Both these factors make digital PR a highly lucrative exercise, especially considering the backlink obtained is from a website with a much higher DA (in most cases).

For digital marketers who seek a more tangible reason to invest their efforts in digital PR, the idea of getting natural and high-quality backlinks simplifies matters and acts as reason enough to take digital PR seriously. While getting an online publication to feature branded content is difficult, the effort is well worth the reward.


Moving away from the quantifiable impact of digital PR, there is also the factor of branding to be taken into account. To get branded content published on a website is a mark of pride and respect for any brand or website.

Perception is a key factor in driving the branding efforts of a company. The entire premise of PR, in general, is to create a positive perception of a brand in the industry. Companies release traditional press releases to this day to make sure their positive perception in the industry is maintained at all costs. Behind this obsession to create a positive perception is the need for modern businesses to focus on branding.

Reaching a New Audience

For digital marketers who have exhausted all digital marketing techniques to find a new audience, digital PR offers a chance to brands to tap into a new segment of the audience.

To accomplish this goal, digital marketers have to target a particular online publication whose audience can be converted into customers and leads. Just as a finance startup would ideally advertise in a financial newspaper, a company has to target a digital publication that has an audience which can be targeted and converted into paying customers.

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