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November 28, 2023

Online Master of Architecture Programs

  • March 22, 2022
  • 4 min read
Online Master of Architecture Programs

An online master’s degree in architecture is awarded after studying an extensive amount of theory and practice. This is an excellent path for those who wish to work as architects in the world but live far from studios or schools. In this way, it combines distance education with a professional career. It permits students to study wherever they are and whenever they want according to their own rhythm, combining professional workloads with family or personal activities.

 The practical component includes building design and drawing: 3D modeling, digital rendering, project management, construction planning, and design visualization. The platforms to create and sell online courses are designed to be supplemented by their own experience and consulting, which develop their independence and professional capacity in the field of architecture.

What Can You Do With a Master’s in Architecture?

This master’s degree program is a continuation of the undergraduate one, but it can also be started directly. The main objective of this program is to extend their knowledge and training in architecture through theoretical studies and practical work within the field, besides providing tools for professional development as specialists in the design and production of architecture.

 This education provides them with all of the skills needed to successfully work as an architect. They will be able to work in different professions and develop their own projects. Moreover, they will have a better chance of being hired. The construction companies and public and private entities require architects with experience.

Common Courses for Online Master of Architecture Programs

Students enrolled in an online master’s of architecture program typically take classes that focus on technical information related to the actual building process. 

For example, classes may include:

  • Computer-Aided Design Software Training: This coursework is provided through a series of lectures and workshops focused on 3D modeling with methods appropriate for architectural design. Students will learn the fundamentals of creating, editing, and manipulating digital models.
  • Building Systems & Structures: Students will learn about different types of structures and how they are used in architecture. In addition, they will learn how to integrate the structural component into the design process and ensure it is functional.
  • Building Materials & Systems: This coursework introduces students to building systems and processes from a broad scope. Additionally, it examines building materials and how these materials are used in construction throughout history.
  • Theory & Criticism: The coursework in this area introduces students to various important architectural thinkers from history who have impacted the field as well as contemporary authors who are currently active within architecture.
  • Architectural Design: Students will learn how to integrate their structural design with their architectural design. They will also learn how to use a variety of analytical methods for designing buildings.

What is an online master of architecture program?

An online master’s of architecture program is a post-baccalaureate program that allows students to complete the requirements for their bachelor’s degree while they are working as architects or while they are completing the required work hours to become licensed specialists. 

The time frame to complete this program is usually two years and it can be done in conjunction with a six-year bachelor’s degree or independently. This type of study offers flexibility for those who prefer distance learning and/or live far from the school where their undergraduate studies were completed. The admission requirements are the same as a traditional program and the coursework will be structured in much the same way.

Does an online master’s of architecture program accept transfer credits?

Yes. It is possible to earn credits toward an online master’s of architecture program by transferring selling online courses platform from other accredited institutions. However, each institution has its own requirements regarding what credits will transfer and the number of credits that can be transferred.

 Therefore, it is best to review each school’s policies regarding transfer courses before making a decision about which school to attend. Once you have received acceptance into the school of your choice, contact that institution directly to see if they will accept transfer credits toward your degree or if they require you to complete specific courses with them in order to complete your graduate degree in architecture.

What courses are required for a master’s in architecture?

While every school will have its own requirements, there are some courses that you can expect to take. This includes classes in building design and drawing, digital rendering, project management, construction planning, and design visualization. Make sure to check with the specific school of your choice to learn more about their program requirements. Additionally, it may be possible to earn a degree via distance learning by completing a certain number of credits and finishing with an internship or thesis project.