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November 28, 2023

Must-Read Travel Books For Travellers

  • October 15, 2021
  • 6 min read
Must-Read Travel Books For Travellers

Books are our number one means of transportation around the world. There is an incredible number of travel books available. You can avoid travel fatigue by opening a book. The best travel books go beyond the list of tourist attractions. Instead, they combine sightseeing with self-discovery. 

Timeless travel books are as relevant today as they were when they were written. They all have one thing in common: they will take you on a journey and possibly change your view of the world. 

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Top Travel Books ForTravellers

Here is a list of some of the best travel books.

1. Stories of Sahara:

Sometimes all travelers want a sense of belonging to a meaningless world.

A lively explorer and novelist, Sanmao captures this theme in Desert Stories, which is about breaking free from societal norms and embarking on a daring adventure.

Sanmao also provides a fascinating and potentially important eyewitness account of a region of the world. The writer immerses herself in life and the local community. It gets involved in the struggle for the independence of the Sahara as well as in the Moroccan conquest. 

The book is organized as a series of articles, most of which are written in the form of stories.

2. Among the Cities by Jean Morris (1985)

Among the Cities are the 37 essays he wrote throughout Morris’ long career. Its history dates back to the 1950s. She is one of the best guides with her talented memories of many great cities of the world. She has articles from Singapore to Rio and from Beirut to Houston. 

A good read across towns. Some information, especially from the 1950s, tends to be dated, but not always. Writing with elegance, passion, and intelligence, she captures the complex character of each city, both familiar and exotic.

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3. Herodotus, History (about 440 BC)

Often referred to as Homer’s first travel novel, Homer’s Odyssey creates the archetypal story of a lone wandering man, Odysseus, on a journey filled with mythical dangers, from terrifying beasts like cyclops to tempting nymphs and witches, As it may be.

But the first true “travel writer”, as we understand the term today, was the ancient Greek author Herodotus, who traveled throughout the eastern Mediterranean researching its monumental history. His vivid account of ancient Egypt, in particular, has created an enduring picture of that strange land.

Because he “does the scenes” from the Pyramids to Luxor, he even tackled these classic travel ordeals. His work has inspired legions of other ancient travelers to explore this magical, haunted land, which creates a magic that appeared again during the Victorian era and is still with us today. Indeed, Herodotus qualifies not only as of the father of history but as the father of cultural travel itself. Who rarely consider the foreign community worthwhile.

4. The Innocents Abroad (1869):

The Golden Age has spawned thousands of serious and boring travel books. A trend that Twain masterfully emptied with innocents abroad. Sending Twain as a journalist on a group cruise to see the wonderful sights of Europe and the Holy Land. 

He sent a series of hilarious columns to the Alta California newspaper, then he paraphrased into this classic. He has a quality of timely, self-critical sense of humor. He struck a deep chord, poking fun at the naivety of his fellow Americans (“A gentle reader will never know what he will become until he travels abroad”). 

He also provides the humble humiliation of a sophisticated exploration of the ancient world (“In Paris”). Today, Innocents Abroad is one of the few travel books of the 19th century that are still read eagerly for pleasure.

5. A short walk in the Hindu Kush:

The story of Eric Newby and Hugh Carless, two young, inexperienced Englishmen, is told in this classic travel adventure. In the 1950s, they set out to walk through Afghanistan to the Nuristan Mountains. The action in the book travels from Newby’s fashion life in London to Afghanistan. 

They were completely unprepared, but they were full of Boys’ Own-style confidence and optimism. It’s a funny, exciting adventure story, complete with astute observations of the characters. They meet along the way, and the region’s geography is fascinating.

The book has been reissued in at least 16 English in English as well as in Spanish, Chinese, and German versions.

Venice by Jean Morris:

According to recent reports, the canals of Venice are now quiet at their clearest in 60 years. Of course, the city has always had a sense of fantasy about it. Jean Morris wrote in this 1960’s masterpiece, “Venice is one trick after another, the back of the hand, the under the counter, a funny, an anecdote town.”The book paints a picture of a city rich in atmosphere and history, evoking an enchanting sense of place with the wit and wisdom of Morris. Whether or not you have been to Venice before, this book will inspire your passion for this most amazing city.

6. Turn right at Machu Picchu:

Turn Right at Machu Picchu includes reflections on the journey into the Peruvian wilderness and the discovery of Machu Picchu. Adams’ journey is similar to the one describe in Bingham. The book begins with Adams meeting the man who will be his guide on this journey. 

Adams takes readers to the wonderful and colorful land of Peru. The author skillfully weaves two lines of the story, each of which is populated with amazing characters and amazing landscapes.


Written by the godfather of the hobo, Rolf Potts, this book is a must-read for those new to long-term travel. Rolf has been on the road for 10 years, and his book contains valuable insights and lots of practical information. 

From saving to planning life on the road, this is a must for beginners. Rolf Potts explains how anyone armed with an independent spirit can fulfill the dream of long-distance travel.


Books are travel memoirs recounting extraordinary journeys. They give the exact knowledge about the lifestyle of the people, their traditions and festivals. The books mentioned above will come in handy while traveling. You can adapt to the customs and traditions of that particular location to make your stay more comfortable.

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