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October 1, 2023

Mihari’s Experiment on Onee-Chan

  • August 5, 2023
  • 4 min read
Mihari’s Experiment on Onee-Chan

Mihari, Mahiro’s grade-skipping scientist sister and an avid hikikomori herself, conducts one of her new experiments on him; unexpectedly it turns him into a female form, prompting further disruptions and complications in their lives.

Kaede takes Mahiro shopping and to the beauty salon for a makeover, before spending the night together along with Momiji and her friends at an onsen.

Mahiro first day of middle school

Mahiro is an admitted otaku who spends much of his time holed up in his room playing explicit visual novels, much to Mihari’s alarm. Mihari devises a plan to turn Mahiro back into a normal person by drugging and changing him into a cute girl.

Mahiro attends his first day of middle school despite having dropped out before. He quickly befriends his new classmates, including Kaede? Mihari?s grade-skipping daughter. At first shy around her, Mahiro eventually grows fond of her and relies on her when his studies begin unravelling, such as when he forgets his math exam study session or sleeps through home economics class.

Momiji joins the group and treats Mahiro like her own sister, giving him reason not to be timid around her. After she accidentally wets herself during a sleepover, Mahiro helps conceal it before taking responsibility the following morning; showing he still retains his sense of humor even though he has become female.


Christmas holiday is an opportunity for loved ones to come together, give and receive presents! Celebrated worldwide by billions, including non-Christians as an integral part of culture and society with many pagan practices being replaced with Christian ones.

One way of addressing someone older than yourself in Japanese is with the term (Onii-san). This can be used by younger siblings to show respect and affection towards their elder sisters; or used with older female friends or colleagues who share an affectionate sisterly bond with you.

Another method is using “Onii-chan,” which translates to older brother. This term is often employed by younger sisters or female friends of older brothers as a way of showing affection or respect; it can also be used playful or teasefully. Read about Onee-chan Wa Game O Suruto Hito Ga Kawaru Onee-chan.

Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day may seem like a day for romance, but its origins can be more bloody and brutal than you might realize. Allen Carden of Fresno Pacific University in California teaches a course which explores the roots of popular holidays across America.

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day began as a pagan festival called Lupercalia held during mid-February. This fertility festival involved men offering sacrificed dogs and goats as gifts while whipping women using animal skins from those killed as whips.

Valentine’s Day derives its name from Saint Valentinus, who defied Emperor Claudius’ decree that married soldiers made poor warriors by secretly arranging marriages between Roman soldiers. He was arrested and executed on 14 February 270 CE; according to legend, before being killed he sent a letter signed “From Your Valentine.” Over time this tradition developed into people sending cards expressing their affection towards others on Valentine’s Day.

New Year’s Eve

An exciting New Year lies ahead! People everywhere will soon gather together to mark this special momentous event by making resolutions, setting off fireworks displays, and celebrating this momentous event with great gusto. Now is also an excellent opportunity to learn how other cultures celebrate this eventful yearly milestone!

Western countries traditionally observe New Years Eve on December 31 as it marks the final day of the Gregorian calendar and thus, marks a new beginning. People usually celebrate by attending parties, eating special treats, and making resolutions for the new year ahead.

Mihari is more than a Grade Skipper and Genki Girl: she’s also an academic researcher who helped develop the sex change drug that turned Mahiro into a woman. Mihari loves playing erotica games and daydreams about an imaginary sex change sugar daddy who sends her presents; this manga contains some jokes about nudity and female bodies while offering less Male Gaze and Fanservice than its anime equivalent; originally self-published on Pixiv before selling at doujin events such as Comiket and Monthly Comic Rex.