Manchester United Sponsors – Current List 2021: Sponsor List Of the Red Devils    
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December 8, 2022

Manchester United Sponsors – Current List 2021: Sponsor List Of the Red Devils

  • October 13, 2021
  • 4 min read
Manchester United Sponsors – Current List 2021: Sponsor List Of the Red Devils

Formed in the year 1878, Manchester United is not just a name but an emotion to many soccer fans. The popular English club has the most number of trophies in English football, comprising of a mammoth 20 league titles. The Red Devils have produced some great talents, with the likes of Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, and Cristiano Ronaldo among others.

Over its 143-year-old history, there has been a long list of Manchester United Sponsors. Many brands have shown interest to be associated with them, as they have always been a popular club.

Coming to the topic, it is time to dive deep into Manchester United Sponsors of 2021. They are as follows:

1. Official Kit Supplier – ADIDAS:

Manchester United and Adidas had signed a gigantic deal of £750 Million in the year 2015. The deal between the German Sportswear Company and United has surely been influential in terms of revenue generated by the club. 

2. Principal Shirt Partner – TeamViewer:

TeamViewer is a German global software company, providing hi-tech technologies. Manchester United and the company agreed on a £235 Million deal for a total of 5 years. The deal between the two is considered to be the largest sponsorship by a sports team in the pandemic era.

3. Official Carrier – Aeroflot:

Aeroflot is known to be the top airline in Russia, and is the official carrier of the club. Aeroflot comes under the long list of Manchester United sponsors in the current times.

4. Shirt Sleeve Sponsor – Kohler:

The Wisconsin-based global lifestyle firm is the shirt sleeve sponsor of Manchester United. The global lifestyle firm and United agreed on a $26.4 million deal, which makes it the biggest sleeve sponsorship deal in the Premier League.

5. Official Tyre Partner – Apollo Tyres:

The Indian Company is presently the official tyre partner, and makes it to the long list of Manchester United sponsors.

6. Official Partner – Cadbury:

Being a global chocolate brand for more than 200 years, Cadbury is the official partner. It has teamed with Manchester United for the campaign-donate your words.

7. Official Medical Systems Partner – Canon Medical Systems:

Canon Medical Systems offer medical scanning equipment for the players to get top-notch care. It has been associated with Manchester United for a while now.

8. Official Wine Partner – Casillero Del Diablo:

The wine brand from Chile is the official wine partner of Manchester United.

9. Global Partner – Chevrolet:

Chevrolet is the global partner of the team as of now, minus the logo in the team kit.

10. Official Spirits Partner – Chivas:

Adding to the tally of Manchester United sponsors, Chivas is the official spirits partner.

11. Official Logistics Partner – DHL:

Catering to the logistics needs of the team, DHL is the proud logistics partner of the team.

12. Official Global Partner – Ecolab:

In August, Manchester United signed a partnership with the hygiene and infection prevention company (Ecolab).

13. Official Digital Transformation Partner – HCL:

Apart from being the team’s digital transformation partner, it strives to produce next-generation transformative solutions.

14. Official Global Lubricant & Fuel Retail Partner – Gulf Oil International:

With a gigantic list of Manchester United sponsors, Gulf Oil International makes it to the list.

15. Official Global Betting Partner – Hua Ti Hui:

The Chinese betting brand agreed on a deal with the team this year. Hui Ti Hui is the official betting partner of Manchester United.

16. Official Vision Partner – Maui Jim:

The popular eyewear brand from Hawaii is the official vision partner of the team. 

17. Official Gaming Partner – Konami:

In 2019, Manchester United and Konami announced a global partnership. Thus, the company became the official gaming partner of the popular English football team.

18. Official Hotel Partner – Marriott Hotels:

Marriott Hotels are the official hotel partner, and the global partnership between the two was signed in 2019.

19. Official Coffee Partner in the UK/Ireland & Germany – Melitta:

Melitta Coffee from Germany is the coffee partner of the team. Special aromatic coffee is served in the VIP Lounges and Red Café in Old Trafford.

20. Official Electric Styling Partner – Remington:

The popular electric styling and grooming company is in partnership with Manchester United for a while. The products do have a special Manchester United version and logo for its customers.

21. Official Global Mattress and Pillow Partner – Mlily:

Popular mattress manufacturer Mlily is in partnership with the Red Devils since 2016.

22. Official Renewable Fuel Partner – Renewable Energy Group:

The Renewable Energy Group strives to provide better renewable fuel options for the team’s daily operations.

23. Official Timekeeper and Global Watch Partner – Tag Heuer:

The popular watch brand is on the proud list of Manchester United sponsors.

24. Official Global Partner – Visit Malta:

In 2019, Manchester United and the government of Malta came up with a partnership to promote Malta. ‘Visit Malta’ is the official global partner of Manchester United.