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February 5, 2023

Looking for a Work Permit in Canada?

  • September 29, 2021
  • 5 min read
Looking for a Work Permit in Canada?

People across the globe desire to work in Canada. It has a growing market, with many job prospects. In addition, it is a nation for potential investment and the development of infrastructure. For those keen on working in Canada, the main task is to obtain a work permit.

For that, it is advisable to leave no stones unturned to meet the rigorous requirements for the permit. As a candidate, you can partner with one of the best Canadian immigration consultants in India. This move will make your immigration process more reliable, smoother, and convenient.

What is a work permit?

A work permit refers to the Canadian government granting permission to foreign individuals to work in Canada for a specific timeframe.

Canada Job Work Permit: The Process

Here is the procedure for getting a work permit:

Study program:

If you are a postgraduate student, you may be eligible to work for about 20 hours a week during breaks. If you take a program where work is inclusive or must do internships, you will have permission to do so. Your institution should permit you to work. There are chances you might get a postgraduate work permit, where you can work after your degree.

International experience:

This procedure is possible if you are willing to work during your vacation or as a budding professional. You will need age proof. Also, authorities may prefer your application for selection if your country shares a free-trade agreement with Canada.

Obtain LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment):

To geta Canada Job work permit, the company you are applying to may have to submit your LMIA application. Your job offer by the company will help you to get a work permit.

CRS (Comprehensive ranking system) is a mechanism by the Canadian government that awards points to applicants based on specific criteria. If you are willing to hasten the process of a Canada job work permit, you must take care of some factors, such as:

  • Apply at an early age.
  • You are highly qualified and have a good graduate or postgraduate degree.
  • You have taken admission for a graduate or postgraduate course at their university. This approach will take a little longer as you will initially get entry based on a student visa.
  • You have taken language tests.
  • There’s a weightage of a letter job offer or acceptance in Canada.

The Five-step Method to Obtain a Canadian Job Work Permit

Step 1: Check if you are qualified to get a work permit. You can refer to the following list to assess your edibility:

  • You do not have a criminal background.
  • You’re medically sound.
  • In the Covid situation, you have met the vaccination requirements.
  • If You have appropriate documents.
  • You are financially sound and provide financial evidence.
  • You have undergone medical examinations and have administered other vaccine requirements.

There are some exceptional cases where jobs don’t require a work permit, such as:

  • Judges
  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Business aspirants
  • Investigating officers
  • Researchers
  • Public speakers

Step 2: Application process

You should search for the best immigration consultant in Indiaand start your application well in time. Submit all the documents and fill all the forms for your work permits. Following is the mandate by the immigration department:

  • Two passport-sized photographs clicked recently.
  • Valid passport (Validity ranging more than six months before you enter Canada).
  • Qualification of education.
  • Work experience or other qualifications or certifications.
  • Financial evidence.
  • Undergo medical tests as per the updated guidelines.
  • Fees for application to be completed.

Step 3: Submit your work permit application:

Send in the application to the immigration office with adequate time in hand. Ensure you adhere to the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) guidelines, as mentioned above. These include meeting the eligibility criteria and the ability to submit the required documents.

Step 4: Wait and respond

There is a time frame to wait for the processing of your application. Keep a check on any query from the immigration office. You might have to provide some additional details about your work permits.

An important thing to keep in mind is that there are cases where the visa officer might call you for an interview. This interview will carry questions regarding the purpose of the application for a work permit and immigration history. Furthermore, you may have to answer about your knowledge of Canada and your plans in Canada.

Step 5: The final part of this process is receiving a letter form from Canada’s immigration with the approval of your work permit. At this stage, you have to provide your passport for stamping, and you’re ready to work in Canada.

Hence, it is best to do proper research to get a work permit. Clarity is a must, and you can seek help anywhere you feel stuck or confused. It is best not to compromise on your hard work for the work permit. Always remember to run a proper search and compare reviews of the best immigration consultant in India. If you require further assistance, you can comment on this blog page, and we will get back to you.