Lebanon Files - Israel's Latest Attacks on Lebanon    
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November 28, 2023
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Lebanon Files – Israel’s Latest Attacks on Lebanon

  • September 15, 2022
  • 2 min read
Lebanon Files – Israel’s Latest Attacks on Lebanon

The Lebanon Files newspaper is published in Lebanon and features daily local news. It also covers national and international news. Its topics range from politics and business news to entertainment and lifestyle stories. It also includes obituaries and classifieds. For readers in Lebanon, the paper is a great source of information.

Israeli warplanes carry out low-altitude flying flights over the capital

Israel has repeatedly carried out low-altitude flying flights over Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, and has reportedly targeted Shia neighborhoods in southern Beirut. Residents of Beirut have reportedly been frightened by these flights, which sometimes last as long as 24 hours.

During the last week, Israeli warplanes have been violating the Lebanese airspace. They have been spotted over the capital Beirut, as well as numerous other cities and towns in Lebanon. Many people took to social media to voice their concern about the frequent Israeli air-space violations.

Israeli military jets target military sites in Syria using Lebanese air

Israel has been escalating its attacks on Syrian military sites, and this time, its strikes appear to be aimed at retaliating for the alleged missile tests by Iran. The two sides have been engaging in a clandestine war throughout the Middle East, and this latest flare-up is the latest example. Israel and Iran have recently increased the number of strikes, and they’ve expanded them to include land, sea and air strikes.

The Israeli military says the strikes were carried out to target Iranian weapons transfers, Iranian-backed weapons factories, and underground military facilities in Syria. Israeli jets targeted several of these targets, and some had previously been hit by airstrikes earlier this year, but have since been rebuilt.