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October 2, 2023

LawnPro Software Review

  • June 8, 2022
  • 3 min read
LawnPro Software Review

If you’re looking to streamline your business operations, LawnPro is a great option. It’s flexible enough to accommodate multiple properties and will keep track of time on jobs, driving time, breaks, and mileage. It can even be customized to keep track of different properties, such as a single lawn or a large estate. This software also integrates well with mobile devices and offers a comprehensive reporting feature. In addition, it allows you to create user accounts so you can track time on each property separately.

ServSuite lawn pro software provides accounting and field service management system

Whether you’re looking for a new software solution for your lawn service business, or just want to keep your existing system up-to-date, ServSuite lawn pro software is the answer. With a fully-featured accounting and field service management system, ServSuite gives you the power to keep track of your customers and employee information, plan your seasonal schedules, and more. In addition, ServSuite offers an integrated GPS system to keep track of your crews’ locations and schedules.

It integrates well with mobile app

LawnPro’s mobile app allows customers to view invoices, estimates, and routing for their property. Users can customize invoices and estimates with custom messages, payment terms, and quick notes. Invoices can be viewed online. Users can even use the app to text crews and employees to let them know when their schedules change.

It offers a free version with limited tools, as well as several pricing plans. The interface of the free version is outdated, as it feels about five to six years old. It is worth pointing out, however, that the company has made significant changes since its initial launch. Regardless of the current interface, it’s still difficult to use.

It allows you to track time worked on jobs vs time worked for the day

If you’re in a client-facing business, time tracking is especially useful. It gives individual departments a record of work completed and gives them ammunition to push back on work. Using objective timesheet data can help you elevate the conversation when you need to make a case for a new hire or push back on an unproductive project. Your clients may be less likely to complain if you can prove that you’ve spent more time on a project than you expected.

Some apps will even enable you to capture screenshots of your employees’ monitors. With these features, you can keep track of how long each job takes and which team members are working on it. You can also allocate billable rates to each team member and track their hours and pay rates. Time tracking software syncs across multiple devices and can send you alerts if you’re overstaffing or underutilizing your team members.

It allows you to create user accounts

You can create customer accounts and track their time and mileage. Each user can view and edit their schedule, and employees can create invoices and address job notes. LawnPro can also create estimates and report on profit estimates. There are many other benefits of using LawnPro, as well. Listed below are some of its benefits.

You can determine what screens employees and customers can access. It also allows you to set the permissions of those individuals. You can set a recurring invoice for repeat customers and set reminders for employees to check equipment. This software helps you keep track of your business’s records and improve customer service.

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