Know About Visa Refusals And Cancellations Appeals In Perth    
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Know About Visa Refusals And Cancellations Appeals In Perth

  • August 23, 2021
  • 6 min read
Know About Visa Refusals And Cancellations Appeals In Perth

Have you received a letter from immigration requesting you to comment on Adverse Information? If your answer is yes, there is a high chance that your visa will be refused. You should read carefully all “Invitation to comment” letters sent to you.

Those letters have a strict deadline which means that you do not have unlimited opportunities to persuade them. Some people hire migration lawyers to ensure that their visas do not get rejected. Read through the blog to understand the crucial concepts in this regard.

Student Visas

To get a student visa, you are required to appear for an interview. You are expected to know about the course you want to study. You should be able to justify why you want to pursue that particular course. If the course that you want to study is entirely different from your educational background, you need to offer a plausible explanation for choosing it. You must be able to articulate how that particular course will help you accomplish your plans.

The primary reason behind a student visa being rejected is the lack of evidence showing the student has adequate financial resources to pursue that course. The student visa applicants often fail to understand what evidence they should provide. Moreover, it is also crucial to comprehend the appropriate time to show that the funds are available.

A student visa to Australia can also get rejected if someone fails to meet a “Genuine Temporary Entrant” requirement. An overseas student is not allowed to apply for a visa the second time. But a student who has been previously granted a permit to Australia can reapply. Students who are willing to expand their visas can also apply for a review.

Common Reasons Behind Visa Refusals

Australia is very particular about the applicants it approves of. Visa refusals are a standard affair because Australia is such a desirable location. If you belong to a third-world country, you will have to be more persuasive. You will have to convince the decision-maker that you are planning to visit Australia for a temporary period.

Visa applications are often rejected for the following reasons:


Visa applications often get rejected because a person has overstayed their visa. If you fail to comply with the visa regulations, your visa has a high chance of getting rejected. You will have difficulty convincing the decision-maker that you are planning to visit for a temporary period.

Inconsistent And Inaccurate Answers

Inconsistency in the documents provided to the immigration officers will lead to your visas getting rejected. If the immigration officer detects that you have provided different information in two visa applications, you will be in trouble. Visitor visas are often taken too casually. The applicants do not provide any supporting documents. The immigration officers do not like investing too much time and effort to seek information from the visa applicants. The visas also get rejected if the supporting documents are not easily verifiable.

Can You Apply Again?

The eligibility for you to reapply for a visa depends on your immigration status. If you stay in Australia when applying for the visa, you should consider if you hold a substantive visa. If you own a substantive visa, you will be able to reapply for another visa. You might reapply for a student visa if you are in Australia. But if you do not have a substantive visa, your situation will be entirely different.

Holding a bridging visa while getting visa refusal creates a different scenario. Bridging visa holders have a limited number of opportunities. They can’t make valid applications after a particular number of attempts. You are not likely to get any refund of the fees paid for your visa application. However, if the payment is paid in more than one installment, the installments after your visa gets rejected are not required to be paid.

You can make an appeal to the AAT after your visa gets rejected. However, the applicants are given a maximum of two opportunities to make their case. The applicants need to make use of the two attempts to change the mind of the decision-maker. The first opportunity is at the departmental level, while the second opportunity is made at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

How To Choose A Good Immigration Lawyer?

Research The Lawyer

You will gather information about your lawyer by checking online. You should check the reviews provided by previous clients. Steer clear of lawyers who approach you at immigration offices. A good immigration lawyer Perth will be busy working for their clients. You will not find them roaming around immigration offices to get a client.

Avoid Lawyers Who Offer Unethical Advice

Avoid lawyers who ask you to do something fishy. A lawyer might suggest you bribe an immigration officer. You should always avoid such illegal practices. If you get caught, you will land in more trouble than the attorney. You might get permanently banned from visiting Australia. It will create a stain on your immigration record. It would be wise if you also avoided unrealistic promises. Even the best attorney can’t guarantee you success.

Talk To Different Attorneys

Most immigration attorneys in Perth will be busy with their clients. But you should talk to a few attorneys before selecting one. By talking to different attorneys, you will be able to understand the level of commitment of each attorney. You can compare the advice given by other attorneys. You might talk to the attorneys on the phone as well. But visiting the office of the clients will help you give an idea about the demeanor and impression of the lawyers.

Final Thoughts

You should take your visa application seriously. Present all the relevant documents and make sure that the papers are easily verifiable. If you fail to comply with the visa regulations, your visa will get rejected. Overstaying your visa will increase your chances of the visa getting rejected. If you are applying for a student visa, you will need to have adequate knowledge about why you want to pursue that course. Hire an immigration lawyer to increase your chances of getting a visa.