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Know About The Legal Consequences And Repercussions Of Cyber Law

  • August 11, 2021
  • 5 min read
Know About The Legal Consequences And Repercussions Of Cyber Law

If your cyber system is not safe enough to handle the most serious cyber-attack, you should upgrade the safety system. Otherwise, there can be risks of frustrating and time-consuming legal battles, and you may also have to bear substantial fines. In addition, your reputational loss can be more severe if the situation is not handled correctly by the professionals within a specific period. According to a report, compared to 2018, the data breaching report had jumped by 33.3% in 2019. So, the time has come that you should be very careful about cyber defamation.

What Are The Various Types Of Cyber-Attacks?

Different types of cyber-attacks are as follows.

    • Breach

If you own an enterprise that collects and stores digital consumer data, then you should use adequate measures to make sure that your data remains safe. Though the cyber threats are more or less similar, cyber defamation laws vary in different countries. If you have set your feet for the first time in the digital field and want to keep your cyber system secured from all kinds of threats, you should know all the legal obligations.

    • Scope of penalties

The possibility and amount of fines can differ according to the breach level, regional jurisdiction, and the number of affected individuals. As defamation laws vary from country to country and state to state, you can receive significant help from your legal team as they can tell you about your firm’s liability if there occurs any breach of data or privacy. Your case will be judged based on the extent of the threat, the nature of the breached data, and preventive measures. If your compliance level is high and you have sufficient security measures, you can easily decrease the number of fines. All big brands keep legal teams, but you have to pay your maximum attention if you own a medium or small enterprise.

    • Litigation

If you cannot make the authority adequately aware of the risks associated with the cyberattacks, legal actions can be taken against you.

    • Anticipating legal issues

As the owner, you will know the nature of your business and data capture and possession requirements. You have to discuss possible data security aspects from both legal and technological viewpoints at the board level. You must have cybersecurity insurance coverage and a solid data storage plan. As cybersecurity is a specialized field of expertise, it will be better to have specialist data security professionals to ensure that your data is kept safe.

What Should You Do If A Cyber-attack Occurs?

Following are the two options that can be done if a cyber-attack occurs.

    • Timely notification

If any cyber-attack in your business system results in a breach of data, you should inform the affected persons as early as possible. For different countries, there are different organizing bodies where you should tell about the cyber-attack. There are specific state bodies too, where you must notify about the attack within proper time.

In late 2018, a massive amount of fines was imposed on a European hotel chain franchise. They reported the data breach of about 30 million residents of various countries two months after the data breach. Any breach affects the company reputation, but if you do not report it timely, things can be much worse, and you have to bear extra fines.

    • Effective response

Cyber criminals have exceptional qualities to break even the most secured system. But it doesn’t mean that you will not take necessary preparations against cyber threats. The more you remain prepared and the more responding systems you build, you will have more credibility with the regulator. Having a systematic response plan will help you reduce any chance of huge fines. But, if there is any sign of carelessness, you may invite double to triple penalties that will, in turn, affect the market value of your company.

You should have a well-organized IT security department investigating all potential data breach aspects, data breach level, and where the threat can come from. The person you will employ as the data protection officer should pass crucial insights to the assigned regulator within the proper time. Data protection counsel should also have a solid security incident response planning that will include the following measures.

    • An operational team should respond quickly and notify the affected individuals immediately about any damage.
    • It should include external legal counsel that has adequate experience in dealing with data and protection measures.
    • It should also have a well-equipped public relations channel network.
    • Many insurance professionals should also be included in the plan that will help you with claiming losses.
    • Lastly, a system reset procedure along with a data recovery protocol should be there.


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