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Kitchen use aesthetics: Variety of patterns for your potholders

  • October 15, 2021
  • 4 min read
Kitchen use aesthetics: Variety of patterns for your potholders

We all know pot holders are to protect us from heat in holding our pots or basically anything in the kitchen. However, we should know that our pot holders hold much more than just protection – it also includes in the aesthetic of our home. 

These pot holders come in various patterns to serve as well in our home or kitchen for upholstery and furnishing fabrics. Before proceeding to making your decision on the pattern for your potholders that you wholesale fabric supplier has, it is important to know the different patterns available to determine which among them you want to use for your pot holders. 

Quilted Pot Holder

A quilted pot holder has decorative ruffle, loop and a pocket. They can be gifted as it is very aesthetic and you may actually want more from your wholesale fabric supplier of quilted pot holders.

Simple Pot Holder

There are combinations for this type of pattern for pot holders that can ensure simplicity, but add aesthetics to your kitchen. The simplicity of a fabric pattern will boost up modern interior designs of your kitchen. The fabrics with simple patterns is widely available in every wholesale fabric supplier in your location.

Stars Pot holder

There is also a pattern that uses stars and commonly this pattern comes with a big star in the center from a simple square fabric. Being into stars could help you revisit this pattern and some fabric available from your wholesale fabric supplier to use as a pattern for your pot holder.

Double Pot Holder with Hand Pockets

To efficiently use pot holders without having to use two pot holders, this pattern can be selected. This has hand pockets to protect your hand with patterns that comes widely such as florals or even in shapes that is available from your wholesale fabric supplier. 

Handmade Hot Pad 

This DIY hot pad can serve as much as pot holders can with the use of scrap fabrics. Combining different patterns into one hot pad can actually be aesthetic as long as there is proper integration such as in terms of color scheme from your wholesale fabric supplier.

Hexie Pot Holder

There are various ways you can use scrap fabrics at home for your pot holders. You can shape them into hexagons which makes it beautiful or aesthetics to use. You can actually visit some wholesale fabric supplier for some scrap of fabrics that may be beautiful to combine if you want to make your own and the fabric scraps at home will not match.

Handle Cover

Another pot holder can be specifically a handle cover which protects you from hot handle pans. There are simple patterns for this cover such as in checkered which is very convenient to use. 

Easy Squares Pot Holders

This type pot holders do not require pockets. The pot holders are basically in squares without hand pockets which is easy to use and have a more collective and engaging pattern. If you want to create easy to make pot holders, you can opt for this pattern to make use on the fabric you have and have the design according to your taste that is available at your wholesale fabric supplier. 

Folded Star Pot Holder

For a fun and challenging pot holder that goes beyond traditional pot holders, this type of pot holder is highly recommended. The star in the middle of it comes in a pattern you can use with sewn squares to achieve the folded star effect in the center of the pot holder square. These may not be widely available in the market. However, you can look for fabrics at your wholesale fabric supplier for some fabrics to match in making this pot holder.


There are varieties of fabrics you can look up at your market for patterns that can actually boost the aesthetics of your home or kitchen. Hence, it is important to evaluate and assess the different patterns as part of your planning for your home or for the furnishing of your home. Talk to your wholesale fabric supplier for any best recommendations that goes along with the decorations and aesthetics of your home or kitchen.