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November 29, 2022


  • August 9, 2021
  • 6 min read

Situated in the Parvati valley, Kheerganga is a very popular trek in Kasol. Kasol is a trekking paradise in the parvati valley. The place attracts not only Indian trekkers but also trekkers from all across the world. This place is perfect to take a break and enjoy life to its fullest. When you see the beauty of this place you will be mesmerized and will know how beautiful nature can be.

Kheerganaga can be completed in 7-8 hours and crossing the mountain you will reach the hot springs located at an altitude of 2950 meters or 13000 ft. The hot spring remains warm throughout the year and the water can be used to wash yourself. 

The trek can be completed in one day, but it’s quite difficult. Expert trekkers can surely do the trek in one day. Total trekking distance in Kheerganga is 12-13 kms, no matter what route you take. 


How to reach Kheerganga


To reach Kheerganga you need to first reach Kasol. There is no direct bus/train from Delhi or Chandigarh to Kasol. The buses are available from Delhi to Chandigarh to Mandi to Kullu. 5 kms away from Kullu in Bhuntar village which further diverges into Kasol. From Delhi the bus can be boarded from ISBT Kashmiri gate and RK Ashram Metro station.


Route for the trek


The actual trek starts from Bharshani, which can be reached by road and is the last vehicle area. Bharshani is a small village. The road of Bhashani diverges for the Tosh village which is 3 kms away.

After crossing the bridge of Barshaini and taking the next right comes the village of Kalga. The first path between is a bit longer, but is easy to trek. The trek is suitable for beginners and freshers. 

Another route for the trek is through the village of Nathan which is shorter but is a difficult one. For this route you need to take the next left from the Barshaini bridge. The trek is more scenic and beautiful than the other route. If you wish to see both the routes, you can take one route up and one route down. 


Where to stay and eat at kheerganga?


After completing the trek you can camp in kheerganga at night. As Kheerganga is not a village and there are no hotels available to stay. There are makeshift stays and camps available here. Although there is no provision of electricity at the place, heaters are provided inside the camp to keep you warm. Staying and food can be a bit expensive there as the camos are operated by generators. An experienced service provider should be contacted so that you can have what’s best for you. People can also opt for Ashrams maintained by local monks and pandits. And they are much cheaper. 

There are many cafes and tea houses situated in Kheerganga. You can also take a bath in the hot water spring called Parvati Kund. 


Stays and food during the trek:


There are many homestays available in Barshaini. In the village of Tosh, many options are available for staying such as homestays and hotels. There are many cafes out there in Tosh village for you to bless your stomach after trekking. There are a number of stays available in Kalga village too. And the good thing about it is that the stays are a bit cheaper compared to the rest. There are a number of house cafes available in Kalga too. 


Best time to visit Kheerganga


The best thing about Kheerganga trek is that it is at its best all the year. Kasol and kheerganga is accessible year-round except some months of winter, which offers heavy snow. During the monsoon season, the trail is open but is difficult to trek. 

The best time for trek is from April to November. April/May and September/ October are must visit months. 


How to prepare for Kheerganga trek? 


Many people prefer trekking to kheerganga on the same day they start to trek. It is possible to do so as the time taken to complete the whole trail is approximately 5-6 hours and depends on the speed of the trekker. 

It is also possible to trek to kheerganga and return back the same day if you start early and reach there by noon. Enjoying there for 2-3 hours, having lunch and leaving by 3pm. The trek down takes less time and is easier. 


Things to carry while trekking


Being prepared for what’s expected is known as a wise step. Always check the weather reports before visiting any place. If rain is expected, you should carry a raincoat and extra socks. During cold weather, warm woolens and jackets should be carried. Even during summertime, the weather in kheerganga is quite cold. So there should be a pair of warm clothing with you. A hat/cap is very necessary to protect you from cold or sun.   If you do not want to die of pain, always go for trekking shoes. They are comforting and trekking is much easier and enjoyable with them.  


The legend of Kheerganga


The legend has it that Lord Shiva came to Kheerganga and meditated here for thousands of years. The name of the place comes from the milky white water of the hot spring, which is known to be sacred and meditative. The water of the hot spring is also known to contain medicinal properties, and is said to cure ailments and wash off the sins. 


Things to consider before trekking


  • Always carry ample amounts of cash with you as the ATMs are generally out of  service.
  • Early morning public or private transports are hard to find in Bhuntar. You will have to wait for the bus till the sunrise. You can also make prior cab bookings. 
  • Weather forecast is a must to check. You should always know what type of weather you are going to face when you reach there. By this you can be prepared  beforehand.
  • Manikaran Gurudwara is the best stopping spto after you return from your trek. You can also enjoy the tasty food of Langar.


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