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Kheerganga – The Best Trek I Ever Visited

  • August 9, 2021
  • 5 min read
Kheerganga – The Best Trek I Ever Visited

Have you at any point visited a spot that you wished would stay a mystery until the end of time? 


Kheerganga was one such spot for me. 


With its ethereal perspectives, charming towns, beautiful local people and great energies, the wizardry of Parvati Valley pulls me towards itself basically once consistently. 


A couple of years back, one such excursion brought about a Kheerganga trek. In those days, none individuals I knew had known about it or had been to this spot. The acknowledgment that there was no notice of this put on Lonely Planet and just a joke depiction on WikiTravel wound up energizing my energy to leave on this excursion. 


From Paharganj to Kasol 


On a late Thursday evening of warm April, I boarded a taxi from Paharganj to Kasol with 5 different companions to launch our excursion. 550 KMs through the slopes and after 12 hours, we were in Kasol. When an interesting little waterway side town, Kasol has now become a jam-pressed traveler objective. I like to go to one of the close by towns and skip Kasol totally. 


After arriving at Kasol, we halted for a fast early lunch at Sasi eatery and took off to Tosh. Without any streets inside the town, Tosh has still figured out how to hold its supernatural appeal. It was not our first time in Tosh but rather we couldn’t resist the urge to pant when we got the main view. 


Swarmed Kasol to Quiet Tosh 


Tosh was our base for this trek. The plan of our first day was only rest and acclimatization. Be that as it may, there’s no halting of inquisitive personalities and we wound up going through the whole day strolling around on slender ways inside the town, playing with goats and sitting with local people. 


Tosh is one of those couple of where moronic local people sit and smoke chillums with their families in the wake of a difficult day’s worth of effort. All things considered, they are encircled by mystical spices that filled in a lot around them – likely perhaps the most intense and cleanest on the planet as referenced in one of Amsterdam’s coffeehouses. 


We were at last in Kheerganga! 


It was a green fix that was delicately skewed and encircled with mountains that were covered with snow. 

There is a little pool on the most noteworthy point here with warm spring water. The water from the natural aquifers is accepted to be “sacred” with recuperating properties. 


The small pool of Kheerganga is the thing that the town has been named after – which generally converts into smooth water of heavenly nature regarding Ganges River. This pool is isolated in two sub pools with one segment for men and the other one for ladies. 


The most awesome thing? A joyful sensation of being submerged in warm water with mountains around that were covered with snow! I don’t know how long we spent in that pool however it was sufficient to suck out the sleepiness of the trek. 


For INR 60 for each individual, we discovered a hotel to go through the evening. This motel was close to the natural aquifers where the internal parts were kept warm with fire. Be that as it may, nothing could keep our bodies hotter than our beloved Old Monk rum. 


Next morning, we returned to the pool for another plunge prior to beginning our trek back to Tosh. After a major breakfast, the time had come to bid farewell to Kheerganga. While the move up took between 4 – 5 hours, the way back was just 3 hours. As usual, there was a pride in the wake of completing this trek. 


Is it true that you are anticipating trekking to Kheerganga as well? If it’s not too much trouble, remember these couple of things: 


1) You can arrive at Kheerganga by getting an overnight Himachal Tourism transport from Delhi to Manali however get off at Bhuntar. This will cost you 1000 – 1200 and the transports are agreeable. From Bhuntar, head to Tosh or Manikaran and adapt for a day and start your trek from here early morning. 


2) Don’t convey substantial rucksacks. Pack keen and light. You can check this post about best knapsacks for climbing. Leave your baggage in Tosh or Manikaran and just convey light for the time being rucksacks with a light, a couple of flip lemon, bathing suit, little cash, bathroom tissue and an exceptionally slim towel. Kheerganga is cold even in summers so convey something warm in your rucksack. 


3) Don’t attempt to trek up and back from Kheerganga in a day except if you wouldn’t fret losing all sense of direction in the mountains in obscurity and turning into a treat for a Himalayan bear. 


4) Don’t leave your waste anyplace. Try not to be an irritating “boisterous” vacationer. Regard nature, the tranquility of the mountains and local people.

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