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October 2, 2023

Is there an American Bingo Games version?

  • May 17, 2022
  • 3 min read
Is there an American Bingo Games version?

When it comes to gambling, Bingo is the only legal game when other betting games are prohibited. The original American variation of Bingo is known as keno, which is played since the 19th century. At the same time, many other versions are generally known by the name of radio, lucky, fortune, and beano. In the 1930s, during the Great Depression, ‘screeno’ became the popular variant that took to the motion-picture theatres. The patrons would often receive free cards along with the entry-tickets, and the participants would win massive amounts of dollars in rewards.

Even in the 21st century, playing bingo games at an online bingo site is fun because they are dynamic games with flexibility in playing patterns and the rules. So, if you think that Bingo games might have different variants for different countries, then it is definitely true. Likewise, there are specific American versions for the bingo games, and among all, 75-ball Bingo is highly popular among the American players.

American Variant of 75-Ball Bingo

It is a highly dynamic version that allows the formation of multiple patterns that finally get the players to land the winning combinations. As the name indicates, there are 75 numbers to play with, categorized into five columns. Each card contains 25 square boxes, out of which 24 are filled with different numbers, while the central most of the box is left empty. At the top of each column is a letter, so it sequences as B-I-N-G-O. So, when the numbers are announced, they are in the manner B6, I18, N42, and so on. It facilitates you to track your numbers quickly in the columns.

This game does not offer the cards in strips; instead, they are independent, so you might mark a number twice if you choose to play with the multiple cards. In this way, the American 75 bingo ball game could be slower. When the game starts, the players are also given a choice to select their playing pattern, which could be a letter, a star, or four corners. Furthermore, the operators might set a shape or letter, or the players are directed to play a ‘cover all’ to complete all the squares.

Blackout Bingo

It is a variation of American Bingo, where you have to compete with your opponent in filling 25 positions on your bingo card. Another variation of blackout bingo comprises a 4×4 structure, where your aim is to blackout the 4×4 block provided on the bingo card.

Quick Shot Bingo

With this version, everything is pre-set, such as the players sealed cards for the bingo game and then matches them against the pre-drawn numbers. If the correct pattern is achieved, then the prize is paid to the player according to the set table. There are other versions of ‘Quick-Shot Bingo’ where the players can get a top-level reward and start over with the new numbers.

Some other Bingo variants in America include Bonanza Bingo, Facebook Bingo, U-Pick’Em Bingo, Table Bingo, and Horse Racing Bingo. Once you set to play the game, you will find that a single variant of Bingo has multiple versions.