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December 4, 2023

Is SurgeTrader Reliable? How Does the SurgeTrader Audition Process Work?

  • November 28, 2022
  • 3 min read
Is SurgeTrader Reliable? How Does the SurgeTrader Audition Process Work?

Owned by Surge Capital Ventures, LLC, SurgeTrader is a proprietary trading firm. They were founded in May 2021 by a group of seasoned Forex traders, brokers, and VCs. Their primary focus is, of course, on speeding up funding for successful traders so that they can more quickly reinvest their profits.

The company, which has its headquarters in Florida, United States, has experienced rapid global expansion despite only being in business for a relatively short time. This is due to many factors, including its openness regarding its trading rules and the ease with which its clients can manage their capital. It’s noteworthy since it lets traders handle up to a million dollars in money while providing them 75% of the earnings.

What’s more impressive is that SurgeTrader doesn’t impose any limitations on the trading approach you take. You can withdraw your earnings whenever you like on the first of every month, and the payment process is quick and has no minimum balance.


As we discussed, SurgeTrader only started operating in May of 2021. Therefore it has a short history. Users looking for a reliable proprietary trading organization may need more faith.

Nonetheless, we have uncovered facts that allow us to be confident that this firm is trustworthy and a suitable option if you want to become a funded trader.

This firm operates out of the United States, a jurisdiction known for its stringent enforcement of legal requirements, particularly those of the financial sector.

You’ll find it at 405 5th Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102.

Surge Capital Ventures, LLC is the legal name of this front company, and RA000603 is its registration number.

In contrast, this private firm’s customers place their trades through Eightcap, a broker authorized by two prestigious organizations (the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the Bahamas Securities and Exchange Commission).


SurgeTrader operates similarly to the bulk of the most extraordinary prop trading services. It would help if you showed that you could consistently turn a profit as a trader. This will be evaluated as part of a (paid) audition or evaluation procedure before you can receive funding to trade.

Financial instruments are accessible.

Over 350 assets, if we include those from each market, are available to you in SurgeTrader.

Unlike certain Forex prop and futures prop firms, SurgeTrader’s product is not limited to a single category of financial instruments, making it suitable for traders and methods of all stripes.

For instance, you may buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and over 200 other cryptocurrencies.

In addition to the significant pairs found on the Foreign Exchange market, you’ll be able to trade precious metals like silver and gold and well-followed stock market indices like the S&P 500, DAX 30, and FTSE 100.

Furthermore, over 90 firms’ stocks can be traded, including those of industry heavyweights like Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Coca-Cola, and Facebook.

Spot Brent Crude Oil and Spot West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil are also offered for the commodity investor.

What sort of income do traders that are sponsored often make?

As long as they follow the guidelines set by these best funded trader accounts providers, traders with limitless risk capital can make endless money. Intuitively, investment returns can be expected to increase directly to the size of a trader’s account.

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