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June 30, 2022

Is Mobile Contactless Payment the New Normal?

  • November 15, 2021
  • 3 min read
Is Mobile Contactless Payment the New Normal?

Mobile contactless payment today is the new normal. The simple reason is that people have become more conscious of handling their money in the post-pandemic world. So from tiny shoots to big business houses, everyone has shifted their base to contactless payment, making business more convenient and rewarding. Moreover, it protects the customers from making any fraudulent purchases. Other than that, the lesser handling of cash, the safer it is because mobile cashless payments provide us with specific features that limit fraud. 

Mobile contactless payments have evaded the ever ringing question- ‘Do I have the exact change to give?’ Apart from this, as the name reveals, transactions happen through electronic devices, mainly mobiles. And we can forget everything, but ignoring our mobiles isn’t even a chance.

Also, mobile cashless payments are now even doubling up as bank accounts. It gives added features like creating a new bank account from the comfort of your home. The only prerequisite is KYC (Know – your- documents). And that too can be facilitated via such cashless payment methodologies, which makes it simpler.

Imagine you are out on vacation, and you suddenly remember that your insurance premium is due. Whip out your phone and open your mobile cashless payment app to pay your insurance premium on time. And when it comes to online shopping, e-commerce has been made simpler by mobile cashless payment. The coming up of UPI payment apps has changed the online payment game completely. From one bank account to another, with end-to-end privacy, it makes payments at a flash speed. 

Shopping Cashback Apps 

Everyone enjoys shopping online from the comfort of their homes. But with all the extra discounts and rewards, it becomes even more exciting. All thanks to the shopping cashback apps.

 The conceptualization of shopping cashback apps is to make shopping as rewarding as possible. The idea behind it is to link your account on a shopping Cashback app to your account on your e-commerce app. It helps earn you points that you can redeem for gaining additional shopping discounts and benefits like never before. The latest update to these apps is that you can now use them to pay and even seek bookings at the theatre or book a lovely table at your favorite restaurant. And not to mention, it’s like you earn a reward every time you use that application. It says and makes your shopping experience enthralling and rewarding at the same time. 

Another benefit is that, when it comes down to paying your other bills like electricity, Cable TV, OTT platform subscription, these shopping cashback apps are here to the rescue. In fact, with guaranteed rewards, one can even get up to 100% cashback on the payment of their bills. Paying credit card bills on these apps can be even more rewarding with exciting rewards and bonuses. 
They assure safety and ease of making payments while making your shopping and payment experiences as exciting as possible. So it’s high time now that we switch the online way with Mobile cashless payments and reward it with shopping cashback apps.