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Is Huawei Matebook 13 A Good Buy?

  • March 8, 2022
  • 3 min read
Is Huawei Matebook 13 A Good Buy?


The Huawei Matebook 13 is a unique laptop with a pretty decent number of features offered in a competitive price range. The fantastic point of this laptop is its touchscreen, nice hardware, thermal module, and quiet and quick keyboard. A few features resemble the market, such as average battery life, limited IO, awkward position of the speakers, and the brand name. 

PROS of Huawei Matebook 13

  • Very compact and decently crafted
  • High resolution IPS touchscreen 
  • Fast keyboard 
  • Reliable clickpad
  • Modern hardware configuration 
  • Solid performance
  • Competent thermal module 
  • Competent price

CONS of Huawei Matebook 13

  • Heavyweight sides
  • Very limited IO
  • A fast and full-sized card reader
  • Maximum RAM is limited to 8GB
  • Small battery size
  • Awkwardly placed & poor speakers

Features of Huawei Matebook 13


The Huawei Matebook 13’s complete casing is made out of solid aluminium, but the body is not very much similar to the X Pro. Instead, the body is made of a plastic chassis covered in metal sheet cases, similar to the other mid-ranged computers. This clearly means the Matebook 13 is not as sturdy as the MacBook Air. There are several complaints that the chassis squeezes or cracks while picking up. 

Keyboard & Trackpad

Huawei has never compromised upon its keyboard quality, whereas other competitors in the market have a compromised keyboard in their mini-laptops. Once you become used to the device, you cannot use the other keyboards. Moreover, you become an accurate typer as well. 


The Huawei Mateboo comes with a 13-inch IPS touchscreen display. The display is 3:2 2160×1440 pixels IPS display. The aspect ratio of 3:2 of the laptop is the best point of this device. And the increased vertical work area makes you addicted to the everyday browsing, texting, and editing chores. Of course, there are thick black boundaries on the sides of the screen while watching movies.


The Huawei Matebook 13 is a powerful device equipped with Core i7-8565U Whiskeylake processors, 8GB of RAM, NVIDIA MX150 graphics. It has a western digital SN 720 512 GB SSD storage hooked up via PCie x4 connections. 


The Huawei Matebook 13’s processor comes with four cores via eight threads, completely capable of delivering excellent performance with a proper thermal implementation. 

Battery life

The Huawei Matebook 13 provides you with a 41.7Wh battery, which is smaller than the battery available in the competitors available in the market. The plus point of the device is that the battery life is pretty much similar to the other competitors that offer the same timing with a larger battery installed in it. 


The Huawei Matebook 13 is none other than a well-balanced product and a decent allrounder. Thanks to the screen and the quiet keyboard, the device’s performance is amazing and is very competitive in all terms. Also, the Ramadan sale laptop is live. Go check out for some amazing deals and discounts on all the Huawei devices.