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October 2, 2023

Is Coolsculpting or Fat-freezing Procedure Beneficial?

  • December 31, 2021
  • 4 min read
Is Coolsculpting or Fat-freezing Procedure Beneficial?

Technologies are ever-changing even in the health and beauty world. Today, society is conscious about how to care for general body image and health. There is an increase in dieticians and fitness gurus preaching about their benefits programs. The scary liposuction to eliminate stubborn fat is still alive, but as technology has advanced the fat-freezing or coolsculpting has entered the cosmetic landscape.

Coolsculpting is also called the fat-freezing process. It is a non-invasive procedure that freezes the unsightly and unwanted fat cells. You can have a contoured body that reflects self-confidence. It is not a weight loss regime but a fat loss process. Check  omahacosmeticcenter.com to see the before and after photographs of the coolsculpting procedure. If you reside around Nebraska then visit Imagen, a Ohama cosmetic center to lose 20% fat after a single session. 

Benefits of Coolsculpting

Targeted fat reduction

The body tends to compile and store fat in different places but sometimes they are in undesired places. This is the main difference between fat reduction and weight loss. During weight loss, you are unable to choose the area to burn the fat. On the other hand, in Coolsculpting you can choose the area you wish to reduce the fat. The cosmetic professional places the applicator on a target area you desire and offers localized fat reduction. The parts that resist exercise and diet can also be targeted. 

The applicator directs cooling inside the skin from the surface. The cooling temperature is safe and does not damage skin or tissue. It is sufficiently cold to kill the fat cells. These dead fat cells are naturally eliminated from your body. After a few weeks, you gain a slim physique.

Many of us have large deposits of fat in one area of the body, but not on another. For example, you might have a lot of fat in your stomach region, but not on your buttocks. This is why leading plastic surgeons recommend using your own body’s fat to enhance the appeal of a specific body part. In recent years, fat grafting surgery has emerged as a viable, safe and credible option to help you use your body’s own fat and transfer it to another body part and make it attractive.

Low risk

Many people fear the surgical process and stay away. Even if the process is done by a board-certified plastic surgeon and is minimally invasive there is a risk. Alternatively, Coolsculpting is hassle-free and causes risks like redness and numbness in the area, which is temporary. They fade and vanish in a few weeks. No anesthesia is involved and there is no surgery ….no bleeding or infection risks.


Liposuction offers targeted fat reduction but is expensive. It is significantly more than coolsculpting. Besides, there are anesthesia costs, operation room charges, medicines, etc. to consider in liposuction.

No scarring

Liposuction surgery leaves scars because of the incisions. The scars are small and discreet but with coolsculpting, you can avoid scars altogether. If you struggle with lumpy scarring history [keloids] then coolsculpting is a good option. 

Effective results

When you check the before & after photos of the coolsculpting process, they speak for themselves. FDA approved Coolsculpting technology in 2010. There have hardly been any complaints or issues associated with the procedure. People across the globe are enjoying great results.

No downtime

The liposuction process needs you to spend several hours between preparation, surgery and waking up from anesthesia. You can go home but will need to stay away from work for some days for haling. It takes some time to start strenuous physical activity. 

Alternatively, in coolsculpting, the procedure takes around 35 minutes to 3 hours depending on the treatment goal. You can work as you are taking the treatment like responding to emails or corresponding on Skype. There is no downtime and the minor side effects are temporary. They are not severe enough that need bed rest.