Interesting Facts to Know About Moon Magic Stone    
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November 28, 2023

Interesting Facts to Know About Moon Magic Stone

  • February 7, 2022
  • 5 min read
Interesting Facts to Know About Moon Magic Stone

If you like minimal jewelry, then moonstone is the gem for you. The gemstone is found in many pastel shades ranging from white and brown to yellow. You can also find colorless varieties in this crystal blessed with moon magic. The excellent gemstone has a soft glow that happens due to the internal structure of the gem. The ancient people called the crystal frozen moonlight because of its luster resembling the reflection of moonlight on the water surface. It is a sight to behold and a favorite of many gem collectors.

Jewelry enthusiasts prefer Moonstone jewelry for wedding bands nowadays, owing to the surreal beauty of the crystal. For an exclusive collection of Moonstone rings, check out the collection at Rananjay Exports. They have a variety of designs in gemstone jewelry. What makes this gem jewelry interesting is its dreamy beauty. Because of this gem’s appearance, it is often related to romance, love, and emotion. The gemstone is not only what you see but what it can do for you. In this blog, we will know what a Moonstone can do for its wearer and some facts related to it that you never even heard about.

Types of Moonstone:

Blue Moonstone: This one is quite transparent and has a blue tone gliding on its surface. These are rare to find and fetch high prices. This variety is loved for its intense blue color.

Rainbow Moonstone: It is composed of orthoclase layers and comes with a milky and patchy appearance.

Pink Moonstone: This variety is used in beaded accessories. It comes in colors like honey and peach. It can be translucent or opaque and has a white shine.

Green Moonstone: It comes in a green-yellow color and has a hazy appearance. It does not have a well-defined color play.

Facts Related to The Crystal

  • Moonstone is a birthstone for people born in June. This is also a significant factor of attraction towards this gemstone. It helps enhance the positive traits of a Gemini. Moonstone is also a third-anniversary gemstone and hence can also be gifted to wedded couples. Moonstone earrings can bring charm to any collection.
  • The gemstone is known to bring calmness to one’s life. The soothing gem will fill the wearer with new and positive energies to move forward in life and take on new opportunities. The feminine energies of this stone also help calm the aggressive side of the wearer. The gem is beneficial in times of stress related to pregnancy and childbirth. It helps release pain during menstrual cycles and also eases labor pains.
  • The gem is thought to possess magical healing properties. People wear Moonmagic jewelry to bring good luck in their life. The ancient people believed that the crystal was from the heavens and used it in decorative items. The mystic beauty of the gem is sure to captivate the onlooker.
  • The gem can be mined from Australia, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, and Brazil. The beautiful forms of the gem can be found in India. The premium quality moonstones are large and display an intense blue shimmer. These do not have any greenish, brownish, or yellowish tints and are colorless.

Styling Moonstone Jewelry

A Moonstone pendant will look best with a black outfit as it will show a perfect contrast in the overall look. The gemstone is generally given a cabochon cut to focus on the hue and luster. The uniqueness of a Moonstone ring is quite noticeable and hence is chosen as an everyday jewelry piece to beat the monotony.

A Moonstone necklace paired with a cocktail dress is sure to give you a diva look with its statement appeal. On the other hand, Moonstone bracelets look chic and boho and demand minimal appeal. Moonstone accessories also suit best with the workwear.

While you wear this jewelry every day, make sure that it comes in a protective setting. The stone has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale. Take the jewelry off while exercising or when going for a swim. Save it from harsh cleaners and hot water baths. To maintain the beauty of the accessory, make sure you get it checked once in a while from your nearby jewelers for any loosened clasps or a general clean-up if you want it to get professionally cleaned.

Where to Buy Gemstone Jewelry?

To buy authentic gemstone jewelry, I always suggest my clients check out the collection at Rananjay Exports. They have a wide variety of original wholesale gemstone jewelry. Their skilled artisans can also help you with customized orders. The accessories are designed in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil, which are safe for the skin. The exclusive craftsmanship and genuine quality make their accessories the best and very well-known in the jewelry market. Shop with them to avail offers and rewards.

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