Indoor play ideas to stimulate young children at home    
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November 28, 2023

Video Gaming & Indoor play ideas to stimulate young children at home

  • December 23, 2021
  • 6 min read
Video Gaming & Indoor play ideas to stimulate young children at home

Young children love to play with others. Unfortunately, with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic, uniting with friends and playing games in groups is not without danger. Physical distancing is a responsible way to protect themselves and others, but for little ones who discover the world around them and bond with their peers through play, it can be particularly trying. You can buy hobby stuff available in Ontario hobby shop or play different indoor games with them. We’ve teamed up to come up with creative ways to share playful moments with your child and expand their horizons in limited space.

Babies 0-9 months


To play this game you will only need your hands and your sweet voice. Sit your child down, hide your face with your hands (or a piece of cloth), then move them aside by saying “peekaboo”! Your baby will enjoy seeing you disappear and reappear. As you get older, your child will start to play too.

Naming Objects

Name different objects in the house by naming and describing them. “Do you see the cat? It’s an orange cat. »This will allow your child to develop his language skills while strengthening your bonds.

The Family Orchestra

Sing nursery rhymes with your child and creates musical instruments from safe household items. For example, create “maracas” by placing buttons or beads in a tightly closed empty bottle. Music contributes to sensory development and holding the instrument helps develop motor skills. The most important thing is to be creative and, of course, to have fun!

Body parts

Name the parts of your baby’s body by pointing at them to learn their names. “Where’s the baby’s nose?” He’s there! You can also point to parts of your body to help make the connection. “Where’s mom’s nose?” He’s there! “

Young children aged 1 to 2 years

Cardboard Car

Seat your child securely in an empty box, adding blankets to keep it comfortable. Then, pull on the cardboard by imitating the noise of a car: “Vroum Vroum! »He will be happy to speed through your interior in his new vehicle (and that will make you exercise!). If space is limited, you will get the same effect by moving the cardboard from side to side and together mimicking the sound of an engine.


Turn over safe and unbreakable bowls and saucepans to transform them into percussions straight out of your kitchen. Instead of chopsticks, use wooden spoons. Your little rock star will take care of it all by itself, discovering the different sounds it can produce. It’s also a great game for developing fine motor skills.

Free Drawing

Drawing Give your child crayons and paper and let him draw! He will be able to give free rein to his creativity and have fun on his own. When he’s finished, you can talk to him about the colors used.

Passing the ball

Roll a softball towards your toddler and ask him to return it. This round trip game is great for building your child’s confidence who also learns that you are responding to their actions. To make this moment even more fun, add another ball and tell it about the chosen object.

Playgroup children (3-4 years)

The disguise

Using the different pieces of fabric and clothing available to you, encourage your child to create a disguise. Then, depending on the costume chosen, invent a game together. Extraordinary adventures await you!

Cat and Mouse Game

Play cat and mouse as you chase your child around the house in a fun way. If he has a lot of energy, it will allow him to burn himself. You may both need to take a rest afterward.

Animal role playing games

The children always like to play role-playing games. Sounds Imitate different animal sounds and ask your child to find which animal it is. Then reverse the roles and let the child imitate animals while you guess. It is also a great opportunity to talk to him about the chosen animals. Affirmation Cards for kids are a great way for children to learn about animals. Every card is printed with an animal picture and a sentence about that animal.

The challenge for the little

One’s Children like to take on challenges as their coordination improves. Ask your child the following questions: Can you raise your arm? Are you able to touch your toes with your hands? »Naming the parts of the body by integrating them into a context allows children to learn them and show you what they can do!

Young children from 5 to 8 years old

Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course with furniture, pillows and toys – any safe and soft object. Show the child how to pass the obstacles and ask him to complete the course as fast as possible. Time him and encourage him to beat his record every time!

The big cleaning!

Choose toys that can be submerged, fill a bucket with water and go! Encourage your child to “wash” their toys by dipping them in water and then playing with them before taking them out and wiping them down with a cloth.


Ask the child to take control and encourage him to imagine a scenario. Follow his instructions and ask him questions about the world he created.

Prepare a Snack

Have your child help you prepare a snack for the whole family using as many colors as possible. Choose healthy foods and have them arrange them on a plate as they wish. He will be proud of his delicious creation.

Video Games on Computer and PS4

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