Huggies vs. Pampers: Which diaper is better?    
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October 1, 2023

Huggies vs. Pampers: Which diaper is better?

  • November 22, 2021
  • 6 min read
Huggies vs. Pampers: Which diaper is better?

Due to weak bladder, newborn babies need to wear diapers all the time. As they protect them from getting dirty. Diapers become a part of the baby until he learns the potty training.

This period can last for 4 years depend on your baby’s growth. According to RealDiaperAssociation babies after 18 to 30 months become able to get potty training.

But during this period they need complete protection. Therefore, multiple brands are selling diapers with different functionalities.

Pampers and Huggies are the two famous brands. But the question here is which diaper brand is the best? If you want to know the answer then continue reading. Because here we will tell you the difference between both brands.

So that you can select the right product for your baby. Without any further due, let’s start the discussion, shall we?

What Are Pampers?

The other name of the diapers is the pampers. It is suitable for newborn babies. Because they do not need to walk. In addition, pampers are lightweight and have soft materials that suit babies’ sensitive skin.

To cover the back of newborns pampers come with a high panel. Also, against leaks, it provides extra protection. The wide holes of the pamper allow the legs to fit more comfortably.

Through these holes air pass and make the diaper breathable. Therefore, it is the first choice of the mom’s and they cover their newborns with pampers.

In addition, they come with a wetness indicator that tells you when you should change the diaper. With the help of this indicator, the front of the diaper, when wet will change color.

So that parents can easily take the diaper out from their babies.

What Are Huggies?

Huggies are the other type of diapers that are mostly used at hospitals. Huggies come after the pampers and are rapidly gaining popularity.

The bright packaging of the Huggies suggests the activity and action. More plastic material is used to make Huggies. Huggies have large leg holes than the pampers.

Therefore, babies who can kick can easily wear Huggies. But the kicking of a baby can lead to leakage through the Huggies.

In addition, they are available from preemie to size 7. That’s why the parents who love Huggies can use it for a very long time.

Which One Is Better? Huggies vs Pampers:

After you know about pampers and Huggies. Now is the time, to see what are the factors that make both of them different.

So have a look at the following factors to select the right brand for better protection.

1. Price:

The cost of a diaper is the major factor that you should consider before buying the diaper. But the case here is that both Pampers and Huggies sell the diapers at the same price.

The price of Pampers varies from $0.25 to $0.30. While the price of Huggies varies from $0.20 to $0.30. Still, if you want to save some cents you can select the Huggies.

2. Size:

Both Huggies and pampers make disposable diapers. Both the diaper size vary from newborn to size 6.

Pampers is suitable for babies with more than 37 pounds.

While the Huggies are suitable for babies with more than 35+ pounds. But Huggies claim that their diapers fit more comfortably with all baby sizes.

Huggies come with wide-leg holes that allow the baby to be more comfortable. But this long gap can cause leakage. On the other side, pampers have a short gap that is suitable for newborn babies.

3. Design:

Both the diaper brands make the same design diapers. But here are some noticeable things that make the design a bit different.


Both the diapers come with tabs but their design is different.

The tabs are mounted along the sides in the Huggies diaper. These tabs are made with an elastic material that you can attach to the back.

But they only cover the sides. Many parents do not like this feature and claim that tabs fold when they change the diaper. Also, the Huggies can cause leakage that makes your baby dirty.

In addition, there is a chance that Huggies come down easily due to loose size but they do not fall.

On the other hand, pampers come with tabs too.

But they cover the full area and do not cause any leakage. In addition, pampers tabs do not fold on changing the diaper. Therefore, pampers are best.

Umbilical Cord Cutout:

To protect the baby’s tummy button it is important to select the right diaper with an umbilical cord cutout.

The Huggies diapers come with a better cut out and it is located below the belly button.

And the pampers diapers cutout is located above the baby’s waist. But this cutout is loose and does not irritate the baby.


Liner is the most important factor while selecting the diaper as parents do not want a leaking diaper. Huggies diapers use silica material to control the wetness.

This can disturb some parents as the beads stick on the baby’s skin. But it does not harm the baby. While the pampers diaper to use the quilted material that soaks all the wetness.


Huggies come with a cradle shape. While pampers come with a narrow shape around the crotch area.

Velcro Closure:

Huggies diapers come with Premium velcro closure. It helps to have a better grip and provides better flexibility.

On the other side, pampers diapers provide a good grip too. But you can not adjust them.

4. Absorbency:

Both the diapers have good absorbency.

The Huggies diapers have a comfortable lining that does not allow the diaper to get wet. Also, they provide a 12-hour protection guarantee.

But they can leak if the baby kicks. But the pampers diapers come with a better lining that provides leakage even if the baby kicks.

5. Safety Concerns:

Both the diapers are made with high-quality material that does not create rashes on the skin.

They have a layer of lotion that keeps the skin moist and the fragrance keeps the smell away for a long time.

6. Deals:

Both the companies provide better deals to their buyer. You will find multiple coupons on buying the pampers diapers. Their coupons rotate at the rate of 5.

While the Huggies coupons rotate at the rate of 9. Therefore, you can win more at the pampers.

7. Perfect Fitting:

Due to leg holes, both the diapers fit comfortably with the body. They cover the hip area too and provide better protection. But due to the large holes, it is comfortable to wear Huggies diapers.

Wrapping It All Up!!

That’s all viewers, hope you like the comparison. And this information helps you to select the best one. In conclusion, if your baby is a newborn you should select the pampers diapers.

But if the baby is a little grown-up you should select the Huggies diapers. Both are comfortable and protect against leakage.