How To Tell Whether A Premium Perfume Is Original Or Not?    
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How To Tell Whether A Premium Perfume Is Original Or Not?

  • September 3, 2021
  • 5 min read
How To Tell Whether A Premium Perfume Is Original Or Not?

After spending a lot on perfume when you realize that it is a fake one, it can be disappointing. No one wishes to experience something like this. And this is one of the most common reasons people avoid buying scents online. If you also have been feeling this way, it is best to know how you can spot a fake one. For a perfume enthusiast, it is extremely easy to find a fake perfume from the lot. Yet, for someone new to the world of scent, a few tips can come in handy.

Easy ways to tell the difference between original and fake perfume:-

If you are wondering what the right way is to tell the difference between original and fake, well there are many. You must keep your eyes open for these signs while buying the perfume.


Packaging of the branded perfume makes all the difference. They try to make it as stunning as possible. Unwrapping a perfume box is an experience in itself. This is the reason brands ensure everything is perfect. The packaging box will not have any bends or torn corners. It will be neatly wrapped in a clear plastic sheet. The quality of the outer box and the safety box holding the perfume inside will be impeccable. The inner box holding perfume will be white. Only premium quality packaging can hold premium perfumes.

Embossing On The Outer Packaging:

Often branded international perfumes have embossing or gold foil work on the packaging. Even the fake ones can recreate it, but they often lack precision. An original perfume will have embossing and gold foil work in the right place to the T. If you find any lack of precision, it might be a fake one. To ensure the luxurious feel and exclusivity, a brand never sells perfume with damaged packaging or mistakes.

Condition Of Spray Nozzle:

A branded luxury perfume always ensures that it is perfect in every way. From packaging to the first perfume experience, they keep every detail in mind. The spray nozzle over here plays an essential role. If the spray nozzle is tight to press, flimsy, it is not an original scent. A branded premium new perfume always has a gap in the spray pipe. You will have to press the spray nozzle a couple of times to get the perfume. And the pressing is also soft and smooth.

Is It Safe To Buy Perfumes From Online Stores?

With the ongoing pandemic and hustle around the market, it is not easy for one to visit and buy scents. You cannot risk taking off your mask in the store to sniff from the tester sheets. At such time, online fragrance stores have been of great help. Yes, there is a risk of getting a fake scent. But it is only there if you are not careful about where you are buying your scents. Instead of randomly picking up stores offering huge discounts, look for the ones you can trust. This is especially crucial while buying luxury perfumes.

Find out about them from their social media pages. Over there you can see how quick they are in resolving queries. What kind of after-sale service is given and so on. Once you have found the right store, you can keep buying scents from them without hassle. To be safe from frauds, avoid buying perfumes from new stores. Similarly, avoid stores offering too good to be true price and with no details about scent. A little consideration from you can make your online perfume shopping a blissful experience.

Why should you buy fragrances online?

Buying perfumes online can save you from a lot of hassles. You can try the scents in the comfort of your home. No need to wait for the salesperson to hand you samples and try. All you need to do is order the testers and try them at home. These testers are so affordable, you can order as many as you like. Also, they have a small spray nozzle on them allowing you to use the spray at your comfort.  The size is perfect for making it a nice travel perfume.

With online shopping, there is the comfort of getting scents at your home. You can place the order from anywhere and get it delivered to your home. This comes in handy when you want to send a surprise gift to a loved one. You can surprise them with luxury perfume gifts available at online stores.

Apart from these benefits, there are always the deals that come along. You can get amazing deals and discounts from online stores. They often give them around festive seasons and during the end of the season. You can get your desired premium scents at amazing discounts during these times. Online fragrance stores can change your perfume game if you know the right one. Explore all the store options, research them, and start your perfume shopping.