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October 1, 2023

How To Take Care of Self-Cleaning Task of Your Motorcycle?

  • July 12, 2023
  • 5 min read
How To Take Care of Self-Cleaning Task of Your Motorcycle?

The title itself says it all. Cleaning your motorcycle at home is one of the integral self-maintenance tasks. Most riders want to ride a clean, shining, and sparkling-looking motorcycle to catch the attention of onlookers all around. Well, some riders hire cleaning professionals to thoroughly wash and polish the motorcycle. But that’s hardly possible every week and requires a great deal of maintenance investment.

There is a simple way to clean your motorcycle at home by investing in one-time online bike accessories for cleaning and washing. Refer to the below-mentioned motorcycle cleaning accessories.



Liquid Soap


Clothes & brushes

Water pipe

Motorcycle liquid cleaners

Microfibre cloth 

And the list may include other things. 

Simply to say, it’s not that difficult to maintain the utmost cleanliness of your motorcycle at home. And that too by investing a little sum of cash. Just like, you prefer to buy bike spare parts online, even shop for cleaning and washing accessories digitally.

Useful tips & tricks to carefully clean your motorcycle 

Keep your bike cleaning kit in one place

The first and foremost thing that you should do is compile all the motorcycle cleaning accessories mentioned above in one place. You should avoid wasting time getting each cleaning product inside the home and then come back to clean the ride. Keeping everything in one place will provide you with easy accessibility and fasten up your cleaning work to an optimum extent. 

2. Start with the dirtiest part of the motorcycle 

An ideal recommendation to clean your motorcycle is to start with the dirtiest part first. It is because of the fact that cleaning the dirtiest and grime-filed area will not spill the dirt later into other parts. You can clean with patience to get rid of the stuck grease or grime substance. For doing the same, you can make the best use of a motorcycle cleaning agent, mix in water, and insert a sponge to start cleaning the surface with ease. 

3. Wash the motorcycle and let it rest for a while

By using the water hose, you can start washing the entire surface of your motorcycle to waive off the accumulated dust, dirt, and other uncleaned particles. Make sure to use clean water for the washing purpose and let the bike be rested for a while. It is because of the fact that high-speed running water from the hose could go inside the bike’s engine and need some time to dry. You can let the bike take a rest for a while and allow the moisture to go away and so is the dirt. 

4. Stand your bike in a shade 

It is always advisable for all motorcycle owners to wash and clean their motorcycles under shade. This is required because sunlight can quickly dry up the water while washing and makes it difficult for you to clean quickly. For drying purposes, you can park your two-wheeler in sunlight, but not before that. 

5. After washing the liquid wash the bike

Another imperative bike cleaning tip that you must follow is to use a liquid cleaning agent for deep cleaning the motorcycle. Instead of using any other chemical-enrich shampoo that can directly affect your bike’s paintwork, you must shop for motorcycle-specific liquid cleaning products. Such a specialized liquid is beneficial to get rid of the stubborn dirt marks across different places on your bike. 

6. Clean with running water 

One more motorcycle self-cleaning tip to follow is making use of clean running water. You can insert one end of the hose into a water tap, switch it on, and let the end of another end of the hose be used for sparkling fresh water on a motorcycle. Although, you can use bucket water as well, only for inserting a sponge inside.

7. Keep two water buckets at a time

It is an advisable matter on your part to keep acquainted with two buckets full of water. One bucket should have soap water that allows you to dip the sponge to eliminate the dirty particles. Once you completely sponge the bike, then you can use the other bucket full of clean water to get rid of the soap.

8. Rinse the bike carefully

The last step lies in self-cleaning your motorcycle is rinsing the entire surface thoroughly. Just rinse the motorcycle slowly, without making any rush. Just make sure that all soap and water marks go away from the bike’s surface. Once this is done, you can use the microfibre cloth to give the final cleaning touch to your motorcycle. 

Concluding Thoughts 
Taking care of your motorcycle in terms of cleaning assures a long-lasting usage factor. For those having an existing bike or people looking to buy online bikes, it is important to follow the above-mentioned two-wheeler cleaning steps. Also, buy original cleaning or any other accessory, specifically of Hero motorcycle at the eShop Hero Motocorp platform. It’s a digital sales channel for customers to buy a genuine range of spare parts, accessories, and even bikes.