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October 1, 2023

How to revise the SSC CGL syllabus two months before the Exam?

  • May 20, 2022
  • 4 min read
How to revise the SSC CGL syllabus two months before the Exam?

SSC CGL is a qualifying exam for several prestigious government jobs. The Staff Selection Commission conducts this exam that attracts around 25 to 30 lakh students each year. The selected candidates are offered their preferred positions in the central government. The SSC CGL 2022 exam is approaching, therefore, it is important for you to know its syllabus and make your study plan if you wish to clear the exam with good marks. 

In SSC CGL, students have an advantage because the exam paper is based on the 10th-standard syllabus. Anyone with formal education can pass it with diligent study, without the need for opting for any professional courses.

This exam covers a wide range of topics, including mathematics, English, logical reasoning, and general studies but a proper revision is required, especially when you have a limited time left. 

SSC CGL Preparation

Knowing the SSC CGL syllabus should be your priority, as you know that the exam is tough and the competition level is pretty high. Therefore, it is essential for you to know the syllabus in-depth so that you can focus on key areas rather than wasting time studying irrelevant topics. The SSC CGL has four levels:

  • Tier 1 is the preliminary examination, covering all four subjects mentioned above. 
  • Tier 2 is the main examination, which delves deeper into your aptitude in terms of quantitative aptitude and English comprehension. 
  • Tier 3 is descriptive, which entails writing essays or letters, and at times, precis or applications. 
  • Tier 4 is all about data entry and management. It is a computer-based test that assesses your computer knowledge.

For preparing for the first two tiers, it is imperative for you to gather study material on numeric reasoning, English training, logical aptitude, and data interpretation. It is recommended to practice SSC CGL question papers from earlier years as it gives you insight into where you stand and makes you confident about your preparation.

SSC CGL Exam Pattern

The pattern of the SSC CGL exam is given below:

  • General Intelligence and Reasoning carries 25 questions going for 50 marks
  • General Awareness carries 25 questions going for 50 marks
  • Quantitative Aptitude carries 25 questions going for 50 marks
  • English Comprehension carries 25 questions going for 50 marks

In total, the number of questions that you would have to answer are 100, and the marks that you stand to get are 200.

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How to revise SSC CGL 2 months prior the exam?

  • Make a Plan: The first thing you need to do is make a plan and stick to it so that you can complete the revision well in time. Make sure to allocate time wisely in areas where you are lacking. However, this does not imply that you must devote all of your time and effort to a single subject. 
  • Take Mock test: It is recommended to take mock tests to ensure that you will not fall flat at the time of exams when it comes to time management and related issues.
  • Solve previous year’s question paper: The final days before the exam should be spent exclusively solving practice exams and previous year’s question papers. This will improve your performance and help you understand the exam’s difficulty level.
  • Time Management: It’s all about time management in SSC exams. The candidate’s goal should be to answer more questions in a shorter time and with more efficiency. Maintaining cool while working on the paper will aid you in reading the question attentively and then answering it.
  • Keep calm: Do not overburden yourself while preparing for the SSC CGL exam, take breaks, study from limited but good study material and practice as much as you can as that will help you gain confidence and lessen your stress. 

Bottom Line

This was about the SSC CGL exam pattern and tips in revising the syllabus 2 months before the exam. You need to ensure that you have complete knowledge of the syllabus, select the right study material and focus on important topics to revise SSC CGL syllabus merely 2 months before the exam and clear it with good marks.Stay Connect with our education blogs India