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November 28, 2023

How to increase your win rate while playing online slots

  • July 25, 2022
  • 6 min read
How to increase your win rate while playing online slots

Many individuals consider online slot games to be the most entertaining casino game, it is in fact the most popular type of casino game found at Winbox online casino Malaysia. The online slot games offered on Winbox online slot platform consists of fast-paced games with high potential for victory that keeps online slot fans at Winbox constantly on their toes. Everything from the slot machine’s sound to its flashing lights and spinning wheels is so enticing and exciting. Many individuals have developed an addiction for online slot games at Winbox online casino Malaysia.

However, for newcomers to the online casino scene, it can be difficult to win at slot machines. Online slot games are unlike any other type of casino games found everywhere because it is essentially a man versus machine type of casino games and is wholly single player. However, there exist strategies to enhance your odds when playing these games, and we will explain them below.

Chewicking the RTP of an online slot game

Before you start playing an online slot game, remember to check the slot’s Return to Player (RTP), often known as the house edge, which changes depending on the game you choose to play. All of the online slot games available at Winbox online slot platform are all developed and provided by big brands in the online casino software provider industry, these names consist of JILI, Lion King slots, Lucky365, 918kiss and more. Each of these online slot machines provided by different providers all come with a unique RTP rate, and it is optimal to select a game with a high RTP rate. An RTP is computed on a scale of one to one hundred, and the majority of slot machines have an RTP between 90 to 100%. RTPs of online slot games found at Winbox online casino are generally above 95%, these numbers are reflected on reviews written on both the online casinos and the slot games itself.

Measuring frequency of hits while playing online slot games

You should also examine the hit frequency of the slot machines, which is expressed as a percentage and indicates the frequency with which a winning combination will appear on a slot machine. Different online casinos will offer slot games with varying RTPs and hit frequencies, but Vera & John has a large selection of games that are high in both categories, and you can learn more about them here. The hit frequency not only determines how often you will win, but it also specifies the average amount of bets from which you will generate a profit for every 100 bets placed. This information is available on the internet. At Winbox online casino Malaysia though, the average return to player for each of their slot game can go as high as 96% which is way higher when compared to other lesser online casinos, meaning that the frequency of hits when playing online slot game at Winbox online casino is higher and players generally win more money just by playing slot games at their site.

Checking the volatility of an online slot game

Volatility of an online slot can affect your win rate. With high volatility slots, the odds of winning can become noticeably lower, the only upside to high volatility slots is that the payouts are greater, making them more rewarding if you have the right strategy, whereas with low volatility slots, the odds of winning are higher and it’s easier to form winning combinations, but the payouts are lower, so your winning combinations won’t be worth much. High volatility slots demand patience and a substantial bankroll, thus it is preferable to play low volatility slots because they provide more gambling fun and allow you to play for less money, which is advantageous and advantageous when you are gambling on a budget. Low volatility online slot games are generally preferred by the community, the volatility of online slots at Winbox online casino Malaysia varies depending on which provider you choose, some online casino review sites offer more in depth advice on slot volatility and how they affect your gameplay. Research can be the key to obtaining an even higher frequency of victories at online slots.


Selecting promotions and bonuses at the online casino

Incentives are a vital element of the online casino experience, so you should be sure to select the greatest bonuses. The different types of online casino promotions and bonuses include welcome bonuses, daily reload bonuses and free spins. Free spins are spins of the reel that do not require payment. These are the best slot machines; on the other hand, welcome promotions offer a percentage increase on your initial deposit if you are a new player who has just signed up with the online casino. The most common type of promotions that can be found at Winbox online casino is the daily cashback promotion. The daily cashback promotion covers not only online slot games but every type of content at Winbox online casino Malaysia ranging from sports betting to online lottery games provided by EKOR.

Slow down and prevent winning jackpots

We will conclude by examining the time you spend spinning. If you look at how an expert plays online slot game you will notice that they generally pace themselves at slower speeds. A slot machine can normally perform 600 spins per hour, which represents a substantial amount of potential expenditure. Jackpots should also be avoided because they can be costly and generally only provide access to the highest prizes when the maximum wager is placed. Try to settle for winning small amounts of money before you aim for something big, it is all about self-discipline and bankroll management when it comes to playing like an expert at an online casino.


Overall, Slots are considered games of chance, but adding a bit of strategy to boost your chances of winning is not detrimental. As long as you follow the steps mentioned above by checking the RTP, general mechanics and volatility of a particular online slot that you are interested in playing before you start wagering your money on it, you will notice a significant increase in your win rate at online slots. If you read these rules and incorporate them into your strategy the next time you spin the reels at Winbox online casino Malaysia, your winning streak may end. However, keep in mind that gambling is designed to be entertaining and not all about winning.