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October 2, 2023

How To Fix Microphone Problems on Android With a Mobile Repair Shop

  • October 26, 2022
  • 5 min read
How To Fix Microphone Problems on Android With a Mobile Repair Shop

Let’s admit that android microphone issues are not common. Having microphone issues on your smartphone is one of the most frustrating problems anyone can face, and it is the worst user experience. Imagine you are talking on a call to someone regarding business, and suddenly everything goes silent, and the only thing you hear is static. There can be several issues with microphone malfunction. Either it can be a software issue or a hardware issue. You have to fix the problem by taking it to Cell Spot, a mobile repair shop in Houston, so it is important to identify how this issue occurred in the first place to tell the experts. Do you remember dropping your phone somewhere? Have you downloaded any apps that are affecting your microphone? If you haven’t done these things and are still experiencing mic problems, don’t be upset and follow some steps to solve the issue. 

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Tips to Fix Microphone Issues by Mobile Repair Shop in Houston

  1. Quick Restart your Android device.

If you are experiencing a microphone issue, start fixing the problem with simple steps: restarting your smartphone. Mobile repair shops recommend restarting the device when facing any general mobile phone problem. Restarting the smartphone clears up all the opened apps and reboots the device. It will solve your microphone issue. Switch off your smartphone and let it be for at least 30 seconds to one minute. Turning it off will refresh your smartphone. Turn it on after a few seconds and see if the problem has gone away. 

  1. Clean the Microphone

This step is simple and helpful when it comes to fixing your mic. It is known to everyone that when you use your device for a longer period, debris and dust get stuck on your phone. Phone repair stores recommend regular cleaning of your device because smartphones are vulnerable to dust and debris as it has small openings, and they can get into those openings causing damage to the components of your device. When you keep your smartphone in your pocket, the small pieces of your fabric can get inside those openings. Apart from the USB connector, speakers, and charging port, the microphone also has a small hole. Blow the dirt gently with your mouth or use compressed air but be very careful with it. You can also get the dirt out with the help of a toothpick. Use it gently. 

  1. Disable Noise Suspension

Many Android smartphones have a feature known as noise reduction or noise suppression feature. It reduces the background noise in a video or while you are on a call. Your microphone issue may also be the cause of this feature. Go to settings, go to the call setting option, search noise reduction option and toggle it off. Now restart your device and see if the problem has disappeared. 

  1. Disable Third-Party Apps

Some applications can cause glitches and malfunctions to your device’s microphone. These third-party apps interfere with your phone, and people can experience anomalies. There is a high chance that this is probably the root cause of your microphone problem. Try and disable the third-party apps and then use the recorder to see if the issue is resolved. If the issue is fixed, then you will know that the problem exists in the apps. Search for the apps using microphones by going to settings, app permissions, and then the microphone settings. You can check the apps individually, but it will take time. If you want to get it fixed quickly, do a factory reset on your phone, but do a backup first to save all the important files and information. 

  1. Don’t Use Multiple microphones.

Not many people know this, but your device could be connected to a Bluetooth device with its mic. Yes! It has. Ensure that you disconnect your smartphone from that device and restart your smartphone to fix the microphone issue.

  1. Take it for repair.

What do you do if you face any damage or issue on your phone and it is not resolving? You take it for repair, right? That is exactly what you will do if your android microphone is not working. Sometimes we try to fix the issue ourselves, but even after doing everything and following every step, we cannot fix the problem. If the issue is because of a software or hardware malfunction, then be sure that you have to take your device to a phone repair store. You can call the service center if you need any guidance and also make an appointment. Mobile repair store in Houston also offers a warranty; therefore, if the contract hasn’t finished, you can get your device repaired without paying a single dime. But if the warranty has finished, you’d have to pay the cost, but it will be affordable. They have skillful experts who have knowledge and years of experience in this field. You tell them the issue, and they will use the right tools to repair it. 

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