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August 11, 2022

How To Effectively Improve Your Conversion Rate In 3 Easy Steps

  • November 29, 2021
  • 5 min read
How To Effectively Improve Your Conversion Rate In 3 Easy Steps

Are you stuck with low sales records? Check out these 3 actionable tips on how to raise your conversion rate in no time. Keep reading for further information!

If you have been selling on Amazon for quite a while, then you would know how necessary it is for all businesses to have a high conversion rate. Not only does it mean your store benefits from more sales, but it also leads to a higher organic ranking and attracts a wider customer base.

Thus, when it comes to improving the performance of the world’s largest e-commerce platform, conversion rate should be your number one priority. Know about the Full Form Of IXPRL.

Do you want to know the best tactics regarding this metric? If so, check out the article below and see what it has to offer!

What Is Amazon Conversion Rate

Amazon conversion rate is about the percentage of people who placed an order after viewing your product page. For example, there were 100 visitors browsing through your catalog. 7 of them decided to seal the seal and bought a certain item. In this case, your store’s conversion rate is 7%.

On average, a typical store on Amazon would enjoy a conversion rate of roughly 10 – 12%. If you are a Prime member, this number can double or even triple.

But do not get yourself all hyped up! It is better to stay realistic and strive for anything between 10 – 15%.

3 Methods To Improve Amazon Conversion Rate

1. Optimize your listings

Nothing beats Amazon SEO when it comes to perfecting the user experience and ensuring they end up buying your products. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced retailer, investing in matching the content of your web page with the requirements of Amazon’s algorithms is always worth trying.

Include the right keywords

Keywords play an irreplaceable role in determining the ranking of your store, thus allowing you to reach out to potential buyers. To fully utilize the benefits of keywords, you should never miss out on keyword research.

Take advantage of third-party websites like Jungle Scout or Semrush to gain valuable insights into which terms and phrases are on the rise, which are associated with what products, and how frequently do these appear on sponsored posts.

From there, choose one or two primary keywords that best reflect the unique selling points of your listings and several other secondary keywords to consolidate the message.

If you are not sure about their effectiveness, feel free to do A/B testing and evaluate how they pan out when applied.

Update product photos

When shopping online, all customers have no idea what their intended purchase looks like. This is why you have to be extra attentive to visual assistance. The more appealing they are, the higher chance you stand of converting the viewers.

Regarding the photos, you need to choose high-quality ones, preferably put on a white background, so all the features stand out easily. Stay away from anything blurry or too small-sized, as they would significantly dampen the enthusiasm of buyers.

If possible, you may even insert a brief introductory video that goes over the product’s features, dimensions, usage, precautions, etc. For products that have to be assembled, put in a before/after photo.

If done right, the imagery would quickly capture the attention of all visitors and keep them engaged enough to continue reading the rest of the listing.

Write compelling description

The description is where customers find all relevant information about your product. Naturally, you want it to be as informative as possible. But this should not come at the expense of readability, as no one wants to read a lengthy wall of text.

Prepare multiple bullet points, each dedicated to explaining a certain aspect of your product. Try not to exaggerate things, or else your customers could develop unrealistic expectations.

Instead of focusing solely on what makes your product worth buying, go into details about how it can solve the pain points of your receiving end.

As far as the tone is concerned, be friendly but professional.

2. Price the products correctly

The price tag is arguably among the most vital factors that decide whether your customers want to seal the deal or not. If it is too high, the target audience will look for places with a more reasonable cost. But if it is too low, some might get suspicious over the quality of your products.

The best way is to keep the price range on the same tier as that of your competitor but add in a few discounts and promotions once in a while.

This way, you can avoid undercutting the opponents while still being competitive enough for customers, old and new alike.

3. Draw traffic from various sources

Marketing your products within Amazon is a must, but it does not mean you should ignore other channels. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many different websites give you enough room to create useful content that leads back to your web pages.

Setting up a group, an account, or a blog on these domains is a piece of cake. Depending on what you sell, feel free to customize the content so that viewers find what you provide worth reading. From there, insert relevant links that redirect the viewers and subtly persuade them to take action.

For example, if you sell silk bed sheets, you can write about different ways to improve the quality of your sleep, including investing in the right bedding.

If built correctly, these external websites can be a great way for you to expand the customer base with the least resources possible.


Raising the conversion rate of your Amazon store requires not just knowledge but also extensive experience in the field.

If you find yourself lacking neither, why not reach out to Olifant Digital and see what the agency has to offer? With a team of well-trained digital marketers, Olifant Digital guarantees to improve the performance of your business in no time!