How To Draw A Knight: Step-By-Step Tutorial    
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October 2, 2023

How To Draw A Knight: Step-By-Step Tutorial

  • August 17, 2021
  • 4 min read
How To Draw A Knight: Step-By-Step Tutorial

How To Draw A Knight

In the Middle Ages, the Knights were noblemen and the king himself. During the war, they fought bravely and with honor to defend the borders of his kingdom. Every knight who tried brave deeds deserves honorable fame and glory. Because of their love, they have still admired contemporaries.

Artists all the time painted portraits of heroes in armor, and you want to try? Based on the illustrated instructions, you will learn how to draw a knight and proudly present their work after a few minutes.


Get a good sheet of heavy paper (e.g., Whatman or line drawing). Prepare hard-soft graphite pencil, and even better – coal (sold in specialized stores), high-quality eraser, ruler, and template (optional).

Look carefully at the samples. That’s about what you should have:

How To Draw A Knight


How to draw a knight? Any pattern should start with a short play. That’s all and will do now.

Sketch – is an outline of simple lines known to every child: ovals and segments.

It may seem that this is the easiest step tutorial, “How to draw a knight with a pencil.” But be careful how you do this simple chertezhik, the fate of the final result. This has laid the success of the picture – that’s the secret! The main thing is to observe dimensions, not Candor lines.

Flick the wrist to draw an ellipse as shown in the figure, and draw from them some fine lines:


Add some smooth straight lines, rounding sharp corners, and … oh, miracle! On a sheet clearly stated rider:

Don’t be fooled by young schematic images. The main thing – to find out what has been done and how. Draw a knight on horseback, and it’s very simple! In the future, the most common ovals painted on-site course will help give the skeleton of the hands and feet muscle volume.


They are turning to the most pleasant but difficult work-rendering fine detail.

You guessed what to do next, how to draw a knight. Well, if the representations coincide with the provisions of the lesson.

Erase all now useless auxiliary lines, especially directly. Make each element. This is best done with a finely sharpened pencil. Draw hand details and a sharp sword, “attach” a shield to the other side of a brave warrior. Give the glare of his faithful horse, show the tail.

Emphasize helmet, chest armor, a tunic, and a leg. Add details of a horse’s “outfit”: Draw harness, saddle, and blanket. Draw on the checkered blanket pattern, set off the legs of the horse’s hooves.


Before you proceed to the final stage of the lesson, “How to draw a Knight,” imagine that the sun is shining brightly. With this in mind, in strategic areas, the most illuminated areas stay unpainted. The presence of shadows and blind spots will give the image an interesting volume.


Game Magic stage of shadow and light! To give volume and texture to the image, you need to properly apply the shadows along the edges of the contours, using a different direction and the pressure on the pencil.

Leave “space” around the sword, as shown in the sample, highlighting the foreground. Do not forget about lighting. Imagine where you think, fall sunlight. The most noticeable part should remain without shade, while the most “recessed,” on the contrary, is the most needed shade.

Do not forget the way: under the horse’s hooves should be strong shadows. Otherwise, the story character just hung in space.

For completeness, the picture scribble sketches of the castle in the background.

The long-awaited image of the medieval warrior in front of you!


To be a knight, I had a lot to learn and work. The boy raises in childhood. At the age of 6 years, they became accomplices and 14-15 – squires. Knights are called after they complete training, but the soldiers – on the battlefield.