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October 2, 2023

How to Choose an Online Slot That Suits You Best

  • April 21, 2022
  • 5 min read
How to Choose an Online Slot That Suits You Best

Before selecting an online slot game, you should consider several factors. RTP (Return to player) percentages, bonus features, and format are all important. Read through the rules and paytables to understand how each feature works. Also, consider the number of paylines, autospin options, and payout percentages. Here are some tips on how to choose an online slot that will suit you best. Once you’ve decided which factors are important, you can start playing!


Before you play online slot97, make sure to check the reputation of the casino. Reputable and reliable casinos have lower edges, higher payout percentages, more bonuses and free spins, and a huge selection of games, including free slots and variations of popular games. This is important since a good casino will be able to accommodate different tastes and levels of expertise. But more than this, check the games themselves: do they have the features you’re looking for? Read on to learn more.

Return to player (RTP) percentages

Return to player (RTP) percentages are the statistics about the percentage of money you’ll get back from playing a particular slot game. This is applicable to both online and land-based casinos. For example, an online slot machine might boast an RTP of 94%, but this value is actually lower than the advertised figure because a portion of the money is derived from the progressive jackpots. In addition, the highest RTP slots may not necessarily offer big wins, but they usually play well and give you a good amount of play-time.

The RTP percentages of online slots are calculated after millions of spins. Ideally, a slot machine should payout at least 82% of the money wagered. Regardless of the RTP percentage, online slots aren’t guaranteed to make you rich overnight. However, many big-name titles are programmed to have low RTPs. A good example is the Marvel jackpot slots from Playtech.

Bonus games

A newbie to online slots may feel overwhelmed by the features of the game and miss out on the more advanced ones. There are various bonus games that offer new playing options, easter eggs, and a chance to win massive prizes. You should know how to get the most from these games and which ones to avoid. Read on to learn how to win the biggest online slot bonuses. You’ll be glad you did! Here are some helpful tips to help you win big online!

Bonus features in slot machines improve your chances of winning the jackpot. They extend your gameplay and give you the chance to top up your funds. Bonus games are typically listed in the pay tables, and each machine has different rules and wagering requirements. Below is a list of some of the most popular bonus features. Bonus features are a great way to increase your chances of winning, and the more exciting they are, the more money you’ll be able to win.


There are many myths surrounding online slots and their winning potential. However, there are a few general rules that you can follow when playing slots. First of all, always remember that there are different formats and themes for slot games. You can choose from classic slots, three-reel slots, five-reel slots, and Real-Series slots. Also, be aware of the different types of bonus games. Listed below are some of the most popular types of bonus games and their winning potential.

A major benefit of playing video slots is the possibility to customize many different aspects of the game. Some slots offer the option of choosing the background music, sound effects, and even intro screens. Many players have found these games difficult to put down after a few minutes of play. This is the reason why the best strategy is to choose slots with high RTPs. This way, your losses will be more than offset by your winnings. And don’t forget that there are free versions of slots that let you play without depositing any money.


As the name implies, symbols of online slots are the “player’s best friend.” While wild symbols can work miracles for your bankroll, scatter symbols can make the gaming session more fun. Many aficionados jump right into the betting, without first checking out the bonuses and features. Learn what each symbol stands for and how they affect your winnings. To keep the game fun, try to find as many scatter symbols as possible.

Split symbols are symbols that can show up in two or three separate ways on one reel. They double the winnings when two or more of the same symbol appear on a pay line. When they show up as two or three separate symbols, the player wins double or triple the amount. Split symbols are popular because they can create winning combinations even without matching two or three symbols on the same payline. A bonus symbol can also give you free spins.