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How Recycling Is Possible for The Perfect Kraft Packaging?

  • October 5, 2021
  • 6 min read
How Recycling Is Possible for The Perfect Kraft Packaging?

Recycling is possible if you use kraft packaging. Kraft paper is made from wood pulp and has a few good properties. Including its strength, water resistance, and the fact that it can be recycled in most cases. The recycling process starts by separating the materials into their respective types: paperboard (brown cardboard), corrugated board (white cardboard), fiberboard (brown boxes) and plastics. The semi chemical process goes on to separate these materials by color, grade and resin type.

Due to its easily recyclable nature, kraft paper is the best material for packaging purposes. Even though it’s difficult to recycle some types of plastics, incense boxes  have high rate of recycling because most components are biodegradable.

Corrugated boxes are the most sustainable packaging material.

Because of its structure, it requires less raw materials to create than other types of containers. The inner liner of each box is from 100% recycled Kraft paper. And both the top and bottom flaps contain 30-60% recycled material. Additionally, one corrugated box reccycle up to 7 times.

Sandwich bags are the least sustainable types of plastic packaging. If not recycled, they can take up to 1,000 years to decompose and even if it has recycling option, its only possible use would be as a lower grade material like newspaper. During the process of creating sandwich bags from virgin materials, there is a high rate of water and air pollution.

Plastic jars are good because they have recycling option.

The problem is that they can only be used once more to make a new one. So the life cycle of the jar is 7 times. Another benefit of plastic jars is that they don’t need to be processed. By high energy consuming machines or chemicals.

The petrol chemical complex makes the majority of plastic bags.

They use ethylene and butene-1 as their base materials. Then they cut them into thin strips before rolling them over a heated metal rod to form smooth, spout shaped tubes.

The tube then goes through another machine which heats up both ends at once to seal them together with the exclusion of air bubbles within the bag. This process happens for every single bag so people can use them soon after purchase. Plastic bags require little water in order to recycle compared to paper ones.JHowever its toxic effects mean it cannot be done on an individual scale and requires special treatment to avoid contaminating water sources.

The problem with recycling bags is that they are made from different materials. Some bags are thick and some thin. This makes it hard to recycle them together without including at least some unrecyclable plastic.

Recycling facilities in supermarket aim to add value to their product by giving them a second life. However this ends up with somewhat difficult when the only way the material can be used again is if it has reprocessing and remaking into something like another bag or a new plastic film.

The solution to this problem is developing a product that can be made from recycled bags. That way the bag does not go into landfill. The bag can upcycle itself into new things so it doesn’t disappear forever.

Here are the factor through which recycling is possible :

  1. The perfect kraft packaging is the one that has the right size and shape

The right size for kraft packaging is when it has just-right dimensions and shapes. The perfect size means choosing an appropriate weight for your product so it can easily fit inside its slot without any excess baggage, which prevents damage to the product during transport and also saves money by not using extra materials like packing peanuts or bubble wrap.

  • It should be made from recyclable material like paper, cardboard or plastic

It’s important to be environmentally conscious. If you have a bottle, can or box for your drinks that isn’t made from recycled materials then they may end up in the recycling bin and not where it needs to go.

Recyclable means something is reusable after being processed. Through various methods such as crushing etc. So long as there are no toxins leaching out during this process.

  • It needs to have a product label and barcode for easy identification

There are a few ways that you can identify the product and make sure it’s safe. For example, every package would have an identifying label with purchase information and a barcode. This way, stores could read the information and check if the item is safe before selling it to someone.

A good idea is to include your company logo on every piece of printed collateral material since this will help distinguish them from other products on shelves around town.

  • The most important thing is its design which must be attractive and eye-catching

The design of your business card is very important. It should be attractive and eye-catching to catch the attention of people quickly. People will take note of what you have going on or how professional your company will have image without the looks of custom kraft boxes

  • Lastly, it should have enough space for branding messages

A well-designed logo is important to help other people know what your company is. You need to design it so that it can show your company’s identity. It should have enough space for what you want to say about the company and not contradict the tone that you want to create.

  • And lastly, it should also be cost-effective!

In order for a product or service to be effective, it must also provide value. One way of doing this is by being cost-effective. Ensure that the design you choose is one that will not cost your organization too much. Which will result in more sales through cost effective factor.


Therefore, make sure you use materials that can be recycle. For example, paper or cardboard. This will save money and also be good for the environment because there is less of a need to mine raw material from Earth’s crust. If you have a certain logo already then consider using embossed foil stamping which can give an expensive look without costing much at all.