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July 6, 2022
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How much is Insurance on an Electric Scooter?

  • January 31, 2022
  • 4 min read
How much is Insurance on an Electric Scooter?

Insurance companies keep their hands everywhere.  They create unique offers and deals for expensive products.  If you search for the scooters for kids, you can see the insurance plans related to them or discuss them with the insurance agents.

Even though electric scooters do not need direct insurance in some countries, people get them insured.  States like Texas and Illinois get the electric scooters insured if the battery is over 750 Watts.  You can also get your electric scooter’s body insured for safety from any mishap.

Electric scooter insurance can work with the injuries faced during riding.  The insurance company tolerates the medical expenses for the injury.  If other people get injured by the electric scooter, the insurance company will also bear their medical expenses.  In case of damaging your electric scooter or theft or destroying another person’s property, the insurance company will be responsible for paying the money for that.

Every insurance company has separate plans for electric scooters.  Most of the insurance companies follow the plans of motorcycles that also go for electric scooters.  Electric scooters do not need insurance in most places of the world.  It is possible to get your electric scooter insured but covering accidents can be complicated by the insurance companies.

Electric Scooter Insurance Price

The electric scooter insurance price can be different in various countries.  It also depends on the insurance company packages.  There can be a possibility to pay a minimum of $20 or a maximum of $30.  If you get insured your electric scooter, it will cover electric scooter accidents.  You must have umbrella insurance for personal injuries expenses caused by electric scooters.

Insurance companies cover all medical injuries of the rider, but they will not cover the injuries for other people.  Home theft can also be covered with electric scooter insurance.  Umbrella insurance can also cover the injuries caused by electric scooters, but they won’t pay for the damage of the electric scooters.

Information about Electric Scooter Insurance Companies

In the USA, Voom is an electric scooter insurance company.  Cycleplan and Laka work in the UK, Luko operates in France, and other small companies work for electric scooter insurance.  Some insurance companies provide specific electric scooter plans that are the best for the riders. 

The rental companies do not offer to cover the accidents happening on roads.  If the electric scooter is already damaged and causes an accident, the company will offer compensation to the rider.

Electric Scooter Insurance 2022 Model

Electric scooter insurance in 2022 needs identity proof of the rider, permanent address, and passport-sized photos.  You can compare the policies online for your plans.  You can also pay online for the insurance of your electric scooter.  You need to buy the best electric scooters that can be insured, for instance.

For insuring your electric scooter, you can talk to your home insurance agent.  Your e scooter must cover all the criteria of perfection, and then it will be easy to get it insured.  You may get an increase in the monthly premium package.  The cost of the packages depends on the value of the electric scooter.

If the owner has an electric scooter worth $1300, he can get the coverage of fire, theft, or collision as $796 per year.  Moreover, you can discuss the insurance plans with the agent.  He will guide you more about this.

Ola Electric Scooter Insurance Price

Ola electric scooter has a price range of $1300.  These electric scooters must be insured because they are expensive electric scooters.  You must cover third-party property damage for five years if you get an insured Ola electric scooter.  It must be under $9997.


The electric scooter insurance price depends on the value of the electric scooter.  It also relates to the packages and plans offered by the electric scooter insurance company.  Although, there is no need to get insured your electric scooter everywhere in the world.

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