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December 4, 2023

How Many Abandoned Cart SMS, or WhatsApp Messages Should I Send?

  • October 9, 2022
  • 5 min read
How Many Abandoned Cart SMS, or WhatsApp Messages Should I Send?

As per our experience – sending a second SMS one day after abandonment and a third SMS three days after abandonment, according to the research, will result in the greatest conversions. The frustration of having a customer so near to the checkout (only to back out at the last minute) is real for a retailer. The monetary burden is likewise substantial. WooCommerce Abandoned Cart abandonment costs online retailers a startling $18 billion in lost revenue. While the reasons listed above are clear, they don’t teach you how to get to the bottom of the problem. 

Why does Cart Abandonment happen?

Consider what it would be like if shopping in the real world was the same as shopping online. You enter a supermarket or department store and begin loading your shopping cart, only to be sidetracked by a kitten playing with a nerf gun in Aisle 3. You quickly forget about whatever you were thinking of buying, gaze at the cat for a few moments, and then exit the store.

This scenario is, perhaps, improbable. However, in the realm of eCommerce, this happens all the time. Despite your best efforts, consumers come to your site, begin buying, then close the browser to view the latest Game of Thrones trailer, never to return. Shopping cart abandonment is what it’s all about. When a shopper adds an item to their shopping cart and then abandons it, this is known as shopping cart abandonment.

When customers add an item or product to a website’s shopping cart but depart before completing the sale, this is known as shopping cart abandonment. 

One of the most difficult issues for online retailers to solve is shopping cart abandonment. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to eliminate – some people will ditch their trolleys before crossing the line and making a purchase. That said, improving your eCommerce experience to prevent and battle shopping cart abandonment is certainly not difficult. When it comes to shipping charges and website glitches, there’s just so much you can do. However, when it comes to encouraging customers to make a purchase, we have some great messaging advice. Try it now free WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin.

SMS Reminders 

It’s possible that carts are abandoned because customers just forgot about them. All they need in this scenario is a simple reminder to come back to your site. Sending these reminders by SMS is a viable option. If you include a link to your checkout page, you can measure how many people click through and tier your responses based on who did or did not complete the transaction.

Coupons & Discounts

Even if you don’t know why a consumer abandoned their cart, approaching the problem with a benefit is a safe method to handle it. Offering coupons or free delivery might help buyers who are on the fence save money, relax, and feel more compelled to buy! It will also improve your conversion rates significantly.

Do you have questions?

Even if a buyer loves a product, their unanswered questions may force them to hold off on making a purchase. In most cases, asking questions leads to inaction. By proactively asking your consumers if they have any questions about the items in their basket, you can give them the push they need.

In addition to these tactics, keep the following abandoned cart best practices in mind when crafting your texts: 

  • Have a clear call to action (CTA) on your website: Customers should always be given an explicit action to do (click here, call on, reply to…) at the center of your communication. 
  • Scarcity factor: Customers abandoning carts indicate that they are comfortable with the possibility of an item disappearing on them. You want to relieve some of the strain on buyers by informing them that the item won’t remain indefinitely. Approach your customer with a “do something immediately” attitude. Non-confrontational scarcity words include “products selling rapidly” and “your cart is about to expire.”
  • Simplicity: It’s not the time to push your other sales agendas in your abandoned cart text message. You want your customers to stay focused on one thing: the abandoned cart.


We understand that sending messages to people one by one can get daunting. Especially, if you deal with large orders. Here is where you can use an automation plugin that can single-handedly take care of this endeavor – Whatso abandoned cart recovery plugin. 

According to research undertaken by a renowned firm, 70% of customers who abandon their shopping basket do so because they have decided not to buy. As a result, 70% of your website visitors are unlikely to complete a purchase. However, it also means that roughly 30% of visitors got sidetracked during a purchase and didn’t finish the transaction on your website.

Whatso WooCommerce cart Abandoned recovery plugin will send a WhatsApp message to these users reminding them to return to your store and complete the order payment. This plugin can significantly increase your revenue and assist you in converting those clients who were on the point of making a purchase but were diverted due to factors such as a lost payment card, a downed internet connection, or a knock at the door.