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November 28, 2023

How does it feel to be a resident of a senior living community?

  • January 3, 2022
  • 6 min read
How does it feel to be a resident of a senior living community?

Assisted living communities are specialized in providing independent living communities, senior living, memory care, personal care, and special care. The senior living community is a major part of the assisted living community. Most of the elderly people move into the senior living community to regain the sense of “community”. With the continuous aging process, seniors may feel left out from the rest of the world, and thus, they again want to feel connected with their surroundings.

To ease the understanding of how it feels to be a resident in a senior living community, here are a few views that you may consider while finding the best senior care in RI for your loved ones-

  • Making sure the chosen community meets the need of your loved ones
  • Searching if the resident activities match the taste of your loved ones
  • Understanding the different options of senior living communities and senior care

The feeling of residents in a senior living community depends on what the community or the community is offering. Here are a few questions that you consider while searching for assisted living care.

How are the accommodations there?

The most important part of senior living communities is how they provide accommodations. This includes asking about the living quarters, what personal effects can be brought, whether any items or objects are not allowed on the grounds, and when people can visit them. 

Moreover, if the person has any need for medical assistance, it should be inquired about the level of assistance available. All these are significant concerns for the well-being of your loved ones and should be considered asking when looking for assisted living communities.

Checking on the different activities available

It is seen that seniors often tend to choose the senior living communities as they feel isolated in their own homes. Sometimes, they are not able to drive, whereas others find health problems keeping them at home. Thus, they often tend to join the assisted living centers to learn, socialize and play. So, it might be taken into consideration when you are looking for those senior assisted living homes in providence.

Many of those communities offer tours to other local senior centers as well as other variety of events.

How safe is the community for senior living?

Safety issues should be one of the main focuses of the communities provided by the communities. To ensure their safety, some questions may pop up, and you may consider asking the community.

  • Do they provide the resident with emergency assistance?
  • Do the residents have an emergency alert button?
  • Can the staff quickly locate them during an emergency?
  • Does the community center have pull cords?
  • Are there any safety features in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom?
  • How can they handle medical emergencies?
  • Is there a staff watching them overnight? Is any staff available 24/7?
  • Are there any safety drills?
  • Do they have updated security systems?

How good is the food?

Good food means a good life. Moreover, seniors seem to have an interest in delicious and healthy food more than ever before. Every senior assisted community has a particular time set for meals throughout the day. Everyone eats the same food together and enjoys that moment together, creating a connection between themselves. Many communities even offer dining communities with different meals in various locations such as pubs, cafes, formal dining centers. Nowadays, communities tend to have a food preparation team who regularly consult the nutritionist and offer the best nutritional foods available.

Is there any transportation community?

One of the main reasons seniors join assisted living communities is because they want to connect with the outside world again. Thus, most of those communities provide various transportation options, including doctor visits, religious services, and even a tour within a predetermined area via regular shuttle services. Sometimes, the communities consider transportation to different outing destinations such as museums, restaurants, theatres, etc. Not only this but also some of the communities take in additional transportation requests for which, you will have to ask or request them.

How are the staff?

Excellent staff service provides excellent community communities. Most of the communities hire highly qualified members who specialize in caring and nursing. The better the staff, the better the maintenance of the surroundings and better the caring of your loved ones.

What about the medication community?

In particular, it is seen that seniors who have evolving or complex medical needs may need some special care for both good health and peace of mind. Excellent assisted living communities have precise medication planning for medical emergencies or changes. 

The best way to make a resident comfortable is to make them feel at home. Thus, assisted living communities always try to make their building like home and also allow the residents to set up with whatever furnishings they need to make them feel even more comfortable in their new home. Here are a few tips for your loved ones to feel more at home.

Calling the new residence as the new home

Your words tend to make them more comfortable than anything else. Language and the approach are essential. There is no better way to make the assisted living feel like home than to call it home.

Connecting with the surrounding

To make them feel more connected, take them to the assisted living and help them make a network with other residents. Thus, they will be more familiar with the staff, residents, and the schedule.

Patience is the key

Being in a new environment, it is customary to become uncomfortable at the beginning. They may have trouble adjusting to their new home. They will even express their uncomfortable feelings to you. But this is all for their own good. Moreover, with a bit of time, the uncomfortable feelings seem to fade away, after adapting to the new environment. The best thing you can do is support them throughout the process, show them your love, and make them feel loved.

Most of the seniors move to these communities to regain their lost sense of connection with the world. Thus, the mission statement must be the heart of the organization (which includes the well-being of your loved ones). It should represent both the resident and staff expectation goals. 

The community can help develop a life-sustaining and growth-promoting matrix of care, including resident-staff care, staff-resident care, staff-staff care, and resident-resident care.