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February 5, 2023

How Do You Know that Someone With an Addiction Has Relapsed?

  • March 2, 2022
  • 3 min read
How Do You Know that Someone With an Addiction Has Relapsed?

The process of recovering from drug addiction, eating disorders, electronic gaming, among others is not straightforward. There are ups and downs, which often lead to people relapsing. This is a common part of recovery.

The American Medical Association Journal says that about 50 percent of people entering a recovery program for addiction relapse within the first year of their treatment. Consequently, almost half of those recovering from drugs and alcohol, or behavioral addiction may take several attempts to entirely kick out a habit.

While that may be the case, taking a step forward and two steps backward in a recovery program doesn’t happen overnight. It develops gradually and it begins with a thought then a few more until someone begins using again.

Thoughts such as “One drink is okay” “one plate won’t do me harm” or “just one smoke” are the very ones that send someone into the early stages of relapse.

Signs Of Relapse

It is not easy to recognize the signs of relapse, but it is important to keep an eye out for sudden behavior changes or resurfacing toxic habits. Here are some signs that someone has relapsed:

  1. High Levels Of Stress

If small things or a significant change elevates the stress levels of your loved one, you should pay close attention to them. Stress is one of the indications of relapse. Job search, life crises such as divorce, and such after one has just left rehab may make them slip back to their addiction. Overaction over minor things is also an indication.

  • Attitude And Behavior towards Sobriety 

After leaving rehab, one may feel proud of their triumph and will join support groups and perhaps inspire others to go through the program. They will interact with various people and practice what they learned during recovery. If little by little these behaviors begin to diminish, it could be an indication of relapse. A change in their healthy routines, a defensive behavior are some red flags.

  • Solitude 

It is only understandable for someone to feel uncomfortable around others after rehab. However, if the said person is not trying enough to socialize and is instead hellbent on being alone, always gives excuses for why they can’t do something, then something is off.

Take note if you notice a weight change, or when their hygiene is worsening.

  • Risky Behavior and Exposure

Addiction recovery service follows a complete lifestyle change. When someone is relapsing, they may fall back into their old habits and make bad decisions. They may attempt social drinking or recreational drug use. If your loved one is making such bad decisions, is mostly confused, or has self-control issues, they may be relapsing. Also, if they are hanging out with people who influenced them into addiction, that is another red flag.

Seek Help for Relapse Prevention

If you or a loved one are experiencing a relapse, there is help available. Larry Fritzlan Recovery Services can answer any questions you might have about someone slipping back into their old habits and provide treatment information. For more information ow why you need to get detox of drug addiction is detailed by Rise Recovery team.