How do I Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria    
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October 2, 2023
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How do I Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

  • March 21, 2022
  • 11 min read
How do I Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

What is affiliate marketing?

Wikipedia declares affiliate marketing as a type of marketing that focuses on “performance”. It permits big companies to reward affiliates for their efforts in convincing customers to purchase their goods and services. Affiliate marketing is a popular method of marketing in Nigeria is, on the other it is a fantastic marketing and sales model. It lets you advertise and promote online businesses and also earn commissions.

What is Affiliate Marketing? in Nigeria?

If, for instance, you are looking to sell a car , you would advertise the car on an affiliate network. The idea is that an affiliate marketer can be capable of selling it to me for a fee that is agreed upon by the internet and me. You may market the vehicle by using an affiliate link if you’re an affiliate marketer. In accordance with the agreement I signed with the network the commission will be paid. If you join my affiliate network and then promote the car in person, you’ll still receive your cash. The proportion of sales you make will be displayed on the vehicle.

It is possible to participate in affiliate marketing in Nigeria instead of working directly with the developers of the product. This is the most effective alternative. The affiliate program could be shut down program at any time. However, this does not mean that affiliate programmers are at risk It is not common to see this occur in any program.

Let’s take a closer look at the elements of affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

The Merchant: (seller).

Manufacturers are businesses that manufacture products. Whatever your background one has, anyone can create and run an affiliate network in Nigeria. Affiliates can join to promote products using the following details The product must be accessible and be available to affiliate networks.

The Affiliate: (You).

Another name for this kind of entity is publisher. Affiliates could refer to anyone or companies. This is where the marketing takes place. The companion is accountable to promote the affiliate product or products to convince prospective buyers to purchase the item.

The Customer: (Buyer).

Customers are frequently called consumers within the affiliate program. Sales are the only method to make money and earn commissions. If they aren’t there, everything goes to waste. Affiliates will employ all methods to contact the customer. This includes digital billboards, social media and content marketing through blogs that are published on the use of a search engine.

The Network (Escrow).

A small portion of affiliate marketers are worried with the network. Affiliate marketing in Nigeria networks is essential to any effective affiliate marketing plan. They function as a bridge between affiliates and merchants. If a vendor (merchant) sells their product via one affiliate network, it could be the case that affiliates have to join an affiliate network in order to promote the product.

The affiliate network also offers an opportunity for affiliate marketers to gain access to numerous affiliate programs through which they can market their products.

There are a variety of ways to begin affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

This guide can help those who are looking to get into affiliate marketing in Nigeria but aren’t sure where to start. You can read it numerous times as you like. It is the only method to be sure that it stays in your head.

These steps can assist you in establishing your career with affiliate marketing.

  • Select a market to use affiliate marketing.
  • Create a blog and then publish it.
  • The third stage involves the creation of the original material.
  • Affiliate programmers are an excellent way to earn money from the traffic that comes to your site.
  • Social media is a great way to promote the work you’ve written and published.

Step 1 – Select the topic you want to use to advertise the affiliate marketing campaign

The fear of failure is a result of an absence of enthusiasm and passion in a company. Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is an extremely lucrative method of earning money. It is essential to select an area of affiliate marketing in Nigeria or any other place around the globe. It is essential to be committed to any given situation.

It isn’t easy to identify a particular subject or area of interest that you are interested in. There are a few methods that will help you get this knowledge much quicker than you think. First, let’s identify the market segment.

What’s an area of expertise?

One such example is the diabetic category that could be classified as an exclusive market. Health-related products have a greater market share than other type of product. Products for diabetes are more sought-after than other wellness and health products due to their focus on specific segments of the market. Individuals who want to get healthier could benefit from the effects of diabetes.

Here are a few simple and quick ways to locate your affiliate market in Nigerian market If you’d like to return.

Before you decide to commit to an area of interest, ensure you know how you will make money from it.

What interests are you passionate about?

This is a simple method to identify your intended people. It is important to ask yourself “What is the subject I am most intrigued by?” It could be something totally other or even a sporting event.

Does the subject receive a lot of traffic?

Losing weight is a well-knownand and well-known field. It is possible that you won’t perform at the level you require due to the fact that you’re a novice and do not have prior knowledge. If you are able, search for a cheaper alternative. It is better to have an enormous fish in a smaller tank than to have smaller fish in larger tanks.

Step 2. Next is to create your blog.

After you’ve completed your research about the affiliate market in the Nigeria industry It’s time to start. To make it easier to share details about your programmers, your next task is to establish an affiliate marketing blog in Nigeria. You can earn regular income by creating an affiliate blog. Blogs can help you to earn money even when you’re not employed.

It’s much simpler to start blogs than it was in the previous generation. For starting you don’t have to be a programmer. Be sure to ensure that you’re making use of WordPress and not another platform.

Selecting a Web address for Your Organization

Create a domain name in order to begin. The majority of domain names will serve as the foundation of the name of your website. This is what my personal experiences have taught me. It is possible to create an original character by doing your best, but bear in mind that your idea might already be used. So, it is important to think about other possibilities.

Configure your web hosting for your website.

Hosting refers to the physical address at which your website’s address is. A domain name serves as the address of your website. The speed at which your website can be it is accessed via the internet is directly influenced by the quality of your web hosting. A hosting provider that is not up to par could make your website be down at any time.

Step 3 – In order to begin posting on your blog, you’ll have to sign up through Blogger.

Once you’ve completed the initial setup, you’ll have to start writing posts to your blog. While writing your first blog post can be difficult but it’s also the most difficult part. It is important to maintain the same style throughout your piece. Writing helps improve your writing.

In order to create content of high quality, it is essential to do a lot of research. You should look for blogs relevant to your area in order to be an effective blogger. It doesn’t mean you have to copy and paste content from other blogs. It is possible to be punished by Google. You are still able to hire someone to assist you in your endeavor even if you don’t think you’re a professional writer. A well-written article can be purchased for less than 3 to 5 dollars.

It could be as in this case:

Reviews are the main component of

Reviews shouldn’t be shorter than 1000 words and must contain positive and negative elements. Your reputation as a reviewer can benefit the product, and your readers will become more informed about the product because of it. Your readers will be more likely to visit your blog when they realize that you did not have biases in your opinions.

Articles that provide “how to” methods are the second most popular.

It’s commonplace to find “how to” articles to explain the best way to complete or begin an activity in a specific scenario. The picture you’re currently reading is an illustration of such an article. The images you see are of high value when you are an expert in your field of expertise. If you are able to properly monetize your blog, you’ll get more people visiting your blog.

The third category is comprised of articles that contain “Tips and lists.”

This article can increase the amount of traffic to your site and is possible even when your blog is brand new. There’s no need to fret whether you’re not a proficient writer or don’t have enough information about the subject. Keep up with blogs that are related to your area of expertise and draw ideas from their posts. Beware of the temptation to cut and paste. Although tempting, avoid the urge to duplicate and paste documents.

Step 4 – Earn money from your content by Joining Affiliate Programs

It is also possible to make an effort to complete the project in a hurry by skipping phases 1-3 and jump straight into step 4. It is essential to follow each phase of the procedure as it will allow you to differentiate your business from other companies.

Ads within the text

Your website could display banner ads for the products and services you are selling. The majority of affiliate programmers provide an array of banners affiliates can use to advertise their services.

Contextual navigation is built on hyperlinks to relevant content.

A lot of people make use of contextual links to promote affiliate deals. It is likely that you have seen a blog post that contains a link to a site that offers products or services that you are interested in. The person who posted the affiliate link will earn an amount of money if someone clicks the link and then purchases.

Marketing via email can be used to advertise your product.

There is a huge benefit if you own an email database. It is easy to make emails that contain hyperlinks to affiliate offers. You could earn a significant amount of cash from the purchases they make when they click your links and then complete the purchase on the website of the merchant.

Product Reviews and Evaluations

Advertise affiliate products on your site. You may also post product reviews to boost the number of visitors to your site. Don’t give an unfavourable review of a service or product in order to earn an income. Instead, concentrate on the positive features of the item. If you write in this manner, your readers are more likely to accomplish your goals quicker. But, they are not deterred by the thought of buying the item or service.

Step 5: Get Your Site Noticed!

There isn’t much visitors no regardless of how old your blog is. You’ll earn more when you’ve got more visitors. This is an important thing to keep in mind when advertising or marketing your website.

  • By enlisting the assistance of other bloggers, you can create an article for a guest blogger.
  • Advertising through pay-per-click (PPC).
  • The sending out of newsletters to customers


Affiliate marketing in Nigeria isn’t for the faint of heart particularly for those just beginning their journey on the path. If you follow the right method the business could transform your life from one of suffering and despair to one of joy and success. This guide will teach you how you can create affiliate marketing in Nigeria an effective business. Join one of the most knowledgeable affiliate programmers from Nigeria to increase the number of visitors to your site through optimizing your content. To maximize the return on your investment (ROI) make sure that the affiliate links you use are spread equally across all channels of marketing.