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November 30, 2023

How Do Air Coolers Work?

  • December 20, 2022
  • 4 min read
How Do Air Coolers Work?

Cooling your home in hot temperatures is possible with air coolers. They provide more cooling power than fans and are less expensive than air conditioners.

While they might seem similar, as they both blow cool water into a room they are quite different. Air con units use refrigerant gases to quickly chill the air, much like a fridge. This provides ice-cold air. However, the downside is that this machinery is heavy and bulky.

Portable air coolers chill the air using a natural process called “evaporative cooling”. Air coolers don’t need any complex machinery. These devices are much smaller, lighter, and more portable than traditional machinery and therefore cost less. They are also much more efficient than air conditioners in terms of electricity consumption, making them eco-friendly as well as very economical to run. While they may not have the same cooling power as an air conditioner, you shouldn’t think that they will. However, they can still provide sufficient chill to keep most homes and offices cool.

What Is Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative cooling is when air flows over water. The heat absorbed by the water when it evaporates from the air becomes a little warmer. This is how the wind feels cold as it blows in from sea to shore. This natural process is what makes air coolers evaporative coolers. It gives you a cooler breeze and allows for more cooling.

What Does Evaporative Cooling Do In An Air Cooler?

An air conditioner has three major parts: a water container, an absorbent layer, and a fan. The tank is filled with cold water. The absorbent sheet then soaks it up. The sheet will cool the air as the water evaporates. For a natural, refreshing breeze, the fan blows this newly-cooled air into your bedroom.

How Can I Clean My Air Cooler?

Air conditioners are more complex than air coolers so they require less maintenance. The only thing you should to do is make sure you change the water every day. This will prevent water from stagnating and keep bad odors at bay.

The absorbent material in the unit may need to be cleaned now and again. It could smell a bit old if you use it often. You can remove the material from most air conditioners. Use warm water with sensitive dish soap to wash the sheet. Allow it to dry completely to remove any musty odors.

What Does It Matter Where My Air Cooler Is Placed?

Air coolers are not like air-con units. They don’t have exhaust so they don’t need a place right next to a window. But, they might perform better when you do. You can help the cool airflow circulate in your room by placing them near an open window or door. This is a good option if you want to cool the entire room. You can also place your air conditioner next to your desk if you need to cool off, such as in an office cubicle.

Air Coolers Help Humidify The Air

Humidity can seem uncomfortable and stuffy. However, in certain situations, it can be very refreshing. The humidity that causes heat and discomfort is usually caused by high humidity. You can reap the health benefits of humid air circulating a room. It can lower your chances of getting cold or other illness and moisturize your skin and hair. You can use it to help you sleep if you suffer from sleep problems.

Air coolers cool the air by using evaporated water to cool it. This creates a breeze that is naturally high in water vapor. Although this air has high humidity it isn’t uncomfortable because the airflow is always moving. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of humid air while staying cool and refreshed.