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How Direct Mail Marketing Can Grow Your Small Business

  • May 5, 2022
  • 5 min read
How Direct Mail Marketing Can Grow Your Small Business

In spite of the popularity of digital marketing, direct mail isn’t dead. Yes, many marketers still opt to send mail through the post or drop the advertising paraphernalia straight into peoples’ mailboxes. Given how many individuals today are still, in fact, using their mailbox, there should be no reason at all it can’t be used for marketing.

Today, direct mail marketing is still an attractive and viable option used by many marketers. This can be hard to believe, given how easy it is to immerse your business’ marketing team directly into the digital world. But not everything is digital, and you’re missing out on a good enough population of target audience if you don’t give direct mail marketing a go.

So, how does it really grow your business? The discussion below may just prove that point out to you.

It Fully Engages The Audience

Many individuals may actually tend to have a higher memory recall when they’re actually reading something physical in their hands. This is the reason sales of printed books continue to soar in spite of the proliferation of e-books and other digital platforms. While the world people live in now seems to have gone digital, the value of tangibility is still very strong.

Real objects are valuable, and direct mail is definitely no exception. Individuals today receive a tsunami of digital information on their e-mail and social media accounts, that it’ll be hard to remember them all. Your brand can stand out as one of the few that they’ll see and touch in their physical mail box when you apply direct mail marketing with the aid of postcard templates from companies like Wise Pelican.

It Has High Response Rates

Direct mail has consistently been a leader in terms of response rates compared with different marketing strategies. In spite of the effectiveness of emails, such can’t even come close direct mail.

The reason behind this notion goes back to personalization. Receivers of direct mail, particularly those with a personal touch with it, feel more special and happier to receive the mail on their post. There’s that thinking that your business has actually taken the time and effort to have a messenger send mail to their mailbox, as opposed to a few clicks on an email message that feels spammy.

Moreover, there’s a higher likelihood for receivers to actually go through the mail they’ve received on their mailbox, than the automatic delete action they’re more prone to do with their email inbox. This means your effort to reach out to your target market actually isn’t merely in vain.

It’s Effective Even When On A Budget

It’s not all the time in the business cycle that establishments are going to have so much to spend on marketing. It’s normal to go through seasons wherein the marketing budget may be tight. With that, you also have to be resourceful enough to tweak your campaigns by focusing on those budget-friendly yet effective marketing options.

One option is direct marketing. Printing out flyers or marketing paraphernalia on paper is no longer as expensive nowadays. In fact, it’s something your marketing team can instantly do in a few hours in your office. Afterwards, you get to send your flyers off. Direct mail marketing seems very old school, but it really works especially when your finances are tight. 

It Grabs Audience Attention

In this day and age of email messages, often, there’s no special weight placed on digital messages anymore. Many individuals still value that special feeling of receiving physical mail. Even if it’s only marketing paraphernalia, there’s that different kind of joy in opening one’s mailbox and finding that it’s actually not empty for the day.

Hence, even if your mail is the only post they received for the day, they’ll be happy to read through and go through it. There’s no rush in that process. More often than not, it’s a common thing to actually sit down and go through the mail, without a rush. The delight they feel when doing so may just have them going through your site or store. Moreover, if you throw in useful promotional items like a pen or key ring along with the mail, you’ll surely establish a good link with your target market. 


In a nutshell, direct mail marketing is all about giving your business the chance to promote your products and services differently. With direct mail marketing, your business could still enjoy more benefits. With that, this should serve as a timely reminder for your business not to get overwhelmed with all things digital, that you’ll actually forget how effective traditional, tried-and-tested methods like direct mail marketing can be.