Home activities with the babies which are fun    
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Home Activities With The Babies Which Are Fun

  • August 10, 2021
  • 3 min read
Home Activities With The Babies Which Are Fun

Getting locked up at home for several months can turn out to be quite frustrating. Also, when the babies are growing up, if they cannot go out or take a look at the outer world they must keep learning various things at home only. The only good thing for the babies under this lockdown is, they are getting both their parents at home during this time and the parents need to make the most of it.

There are several kids activities which are quite fun with the toddlers or the babies and adding a little imagination to it can turn out to be a lot of fun. There is no need to make any schedule for these activities though. In fact, it is better if they are done spontaneously.

If the babies are too small, then these are the indoor activities that can be done:

  • One can make some random noises with the household objects like wooden spoon, empty boxes and others and let the baby pick the object they want to play with as per the sound. Then hand over the object to them and let them play with it. It is better not to pick any glass objects or breakable items though as the baby might get hurt.
  • Take your baby for a stroll if you have a roof or stand by the window. And then help the baby to see the clouds, the sky and point out the birds to them. Help them identify the passing cars and understand the shape of clouds. If one has trees on the terrace, then let them touch the leaves and flowers and this will help them to learn and identify new things. They will be elated to know them.
  • If the kid is a toddler then how about a dance party at home with them? Turn up that volume and hold the hands of the baby and break into an impromptu dance with them. You both are going to enjoy this activity at home anytime.
  • Reading a picture book can be quite thrilling as an activity for the kids. Point out the pictures and characters of the story and read them out loud to them. Use some expressive actions and voices so that the baby gives complete attention to it.
  • Apart from reading them story books one can also help them learn nursery rhymes if the babies have already started talking. Chant or sing nursery rhymes together with them and do some simple hand movements while doing that and let the babies enjoy the most while learning them.
  • As the baby becomes older, the toddlers learn how to crawl, climb and stand up by taking a support from things. One can create an obstacle for them by using boxes and pillows and the baby will be thrilled enough to do the challenge and cross the hurdles.

There are plenty of babies activities at 3 months that the parents can arrange and make them learn new things.