Here Is Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy A Front Load Washing Machine    
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December 8, 2022

Here Is Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy A Front Load Washing Machine

  • November 11, 2021
  • 4 min read
Here Is Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy A Front Load Washing Machine

Buying a good washing machine may put some stress on your pocket. However, it would save effort in the future. Washing machines are different from each other in terms of energy efficiency, size, price, and several other details. Whirlpool washing machine prices may be different from Samsung models. However, some consumers focus on the loading type while buying the washer. Top-loading and front-loading washing machines are available options for you.

For the top-loading models, you have to load clothes from the top part. On the contrary, the front-loading washing machines have a door at the front side of the machine. Surely, there are structural differences between these two models. Front-loading washing machines do not have an agitator, and they consume less space. Moreover, they consume a minimal amount of water to wash your clothes. 

But, you have to focus on some factors while purchasing the front-load washers.

Washing tub – Durability of the material

Manufacturers mostly use porcelain enamel, toughened plastic, and stainless steel to design the tub of the washing machine. However, to avoid chips and rust, plastic can be a better alternative. The best tubs of washing machines have stainless steel models with high durability. They will last for years and are more resilient than plastic tubs. Moreover, they are capable of enduring high-spin speed. Another advantage of stainless steel drums is that they are highly energy efficient. 

The number of wash programs

Your denim wears and jeans do not get damaged due to the harsh washing process. But, the machine should treat your silk in a different way.

To ensure protection to your clothing, manufacturers add some wash programs. There is no need to do guesswork, as you can choose the right wash program for your garments. While delicate fabrics need a gentle washing cycle, soiled clothes need harsh treatment. 

Front-loading washing machines are available with 8 to 20 programs. You need to select the program based on your fabric type, dirt level, and garment load. Some models also have a 15-minute quick wash cycle. It is an efficient wash cycle to remove dirt from your clothes. 

There is also a Time Delay program in some washers. After loading the clothes, you have to set the program to start the washing process based on your preference. For instance, you may set it up for a 24-hour delay program.

Spin speed 

With the faster spinning speed, you can easily dry your clothes after every washing cycle. However, some washing cycles do not have high spin speed. When you have chosen a delicate cycle, it will automatically reduce the speed to prevent damage to your garments.

The direction of opening the door

Which way should the doors of front-load washers be opened? In most cases, the hinge of the front-load washers is on the left side. The door can swing up to 150-160 degrees. Due to the presence of some special electronics in the door lock mechanism, there are no reversible doors. 

However, some users have claimed that there is a risk of mold growth in the front-load washers. To avoid the problem, you need to leave your doors open in between two loads. It will let the system dry.

Capacity and size

The washer tub can be of different sizes and capacities. How much weight of your clothes can the tub carry during every cycle? Usually, it ranges from 5 to 10 Kg per cycle. However, while buying the machine, you have to decide on the tub capacity you need. Ask yourself about the type of garments to be washed in the system. When you need to wash upholstery, comforters, and bed covers, you have to purchase the larger models. 

Safety features

To buy front loading washing machines you have to pay attention to the safety features, like-

  • Auto-restart
  • Child lock
  • Overheating prevention
  • Overflow control 
  • Rodent Protection
  • Spin Speed options
  • Stability and consistency during washing

LCD display

You will get clear information by reading the LCD display. It reveals the time needed to accomplish the wash cycle.

Magic Cube Pulsator

It is a smart feature to ensure considerable water flow to reach different directions. You will find the optimal performance of the washing machine due to this feature.

Price of the washer 

Every brand has set different price rates for its washing machines. You can check out the Whirlpool washing machine price and compare it to other branded models.

However, to buy any washing machine, you can visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. You may choose the monthly installment option for a better deal.