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August 18, 2022

Health and safety tips for office-based businesses

  • December 18, 2021
  • 4 min read
Health and safety tips for office-based businesses

When we talk about safety tips for the workplace most people would imagine a job in a warehouse or one that keeps you outside. There are countless jobs where danger lurks around the corner no matter the safety precautions, but an office-based job would be pretty low on that list. Nevertheless, office-based jobs can be just as hard on your mental and physical health as any other.

These can be a cause of too much stress at times which not only affects your mental health but can also affect physical health by causing issues like headaches, obesity, hair loss, etc. Though such problems can be easily treated these days because you can consult the doctors from the comfort of your home as you go on and pop over to these guys, it would be best if the stress management is well taken care of at the workplace. Not just stress, but inappropriate physical postures while working or any other difficult physical jobs like picking up a lot of weight can also cause issues like back pain, etc.

There may be less risk of a big box falling on you, but the potential for permanent back damage should be taken just as seriously.

Health and safety tips:


One of the easier ways safety can be promoted in the workplace is by posting signs. Just as you would have signs on how to use fire extinguishers and what to do in case of fire or other emergencies, signs reminding and encouraging your workers on the right way to sit so as to not strain their backs and posture can be put around the office.

  • Signs for good posture
  • Signs encouraging workers to take small breaks and move about to break up their continuous sitting. It is recommended by health professionals to take a movement break every half hour or so. So, by encouraging this your workers will be more refreshed and stay in better health both mentally and physically.

Ergonomic workstations

Having the right desk and chair is as important to an office worker as having the right tools is to a builder. The right chair and desk are two of the most important tools for worker productivity. An uncomfortable chair or desk can lead to a bad posture and health problems that would lead to more sick days and less work being done on time. Comfortable equipment not only improves your workers’ physical health but they also show that you care about them which can make them more motivated and loyal.

  • Chairs – there are many different office style chairs on the market. A lot of them now come with good back supports and adjustable height settings, making them adaptable for the needs of different people.
  • Desks – need to be sturdy, so they don’t wobble every time your workers lean on them. They need to be wide enough for their computer and office supplies and to allow free movement. There should be enough space for their legs. There are many desks that are easily adjustable so the person can work from a sitting or standing position.
  • Anti – Fatigue Mats – often used in professional kitchens and in industrial environments, there is no reason why an office-based business shouldn’t benefit from them as well. They promote good posture and are good for people working while standing up, to cushion their feet from the hard floor. 
  • Non slip chair mats – good for keeping your wheeled chairs in place while also protecting the floors of your business.

Note: Never forget – whether in an industrial environment or an office-based one, the mental health of your workers is just as important as their physical health. Helping to keep their physical health in better shape can greatly improve their mental health as well.

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