Filmmaker | Four Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy as a Filmmaker    
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October 2, 2022

Four Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy as a Filmmaker

  • January 20, 2022
  • 3 min read
Four Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy as a Filmmaker

It’s a well-known fact that filmmaking can be a very unhealthy lifestyle. Late nights, irregular hours, and a lot of junk food aren’t exactly the best recipe for a healthy lifestyle. It’s not always possible to eat healthily, but you should prioritize eating a balanced diet that includes whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and a lot of water. 

Eat a balanced diet, even if it means missing out on some of your favorite snacks every now and then

That’s not to say you have to give up your favorite snacks or food items. Just try to make healthier choices when you can. If you can’t resist your favorite chips, at least eat them in moderation. Try to eat a salad before your big meal so you can skip the fries. You should avoid eating too much sugar, which gives you an energy rush and then makes you crash. And if you want to stay healthy, you should try to get some exercise every day.

Keep yourself hydrated and well-fed to avoid illness and fatigue

You may be surprised to find out that many filmmakers don’t drink enough water. Water is vital for many reasons and not just for hydration. It helps your body function and digest food, but water is also crucial for flushing out toxins, keeping the immune system strong, and maintaining the health of your skin and hair. A lack of water can lead to headaches, bloating, constipation, high cholesterol, and other serious health issues. Take some days off work, find a vacation rental, and go on a trip to declutter your mind. 

Get plenty of rest so you can be productive every day

When you’re a filmmaker, it can be really hard to take time off. You may be used to staying up late and getting up at the crack of dawn, then doing it all over again the next day. If you’re feeling tired or exhausted, you’re not alone. A lot of filmmakers suffer from exhaustion, whether it’s from long hours on set or just trying to make your movie. If you’re feeling tired, you probably are. This problem is usually caused by a lack of sleep. 

Sleep is essential to not just your physical health but also your mental health. If you’re feeling exhausted, try taking naps during the day and make sure you’re getting plenty of rest at night. You’ll find that your energy levels will come back, and you’ll be a lot more productive.

Manage your stress levels to avoid burnout and keep your energy high throughout the day

You don’t need us to tell you that being a filmmaker is stressful. The hours are long, the call times are early, and the workload is never-ending. It’s your job to stay organized, focused, and on-task, but that’s a lot easier said than done. In fact, there’s a good chance you’re already feeling the pressure of the stress that comes with being a filmmaker. And that’s OK. But it’s important to manage stress whether you try to do it with self-care or seeing a therapist. Because if you don’t, the stress will eventually catch up with you. And when it does, it’s going to rear its ugly head in all kinds of ways.

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