Focus on Labradorite and its importance - labradorite jewelry    
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Focus on Labradorite and its importance

  • August 31, 2021
  • 4 min read
Focus on Labradorite and its importance

Labradorite- ‘the stone of magic.’

The awe-inspiring Labradorite stone is so transfixing that it is called the stone of magic. The Calcium sodium stone boasts a lustrous mix of colors due to the stone’s interaction with light—the streaks ranging from peacock blue to copper and light green in color. The Labradorite stone has a white, grey, yellow, and brown hue. They have captured every shade in the whole spectrum of the color, and they are called ‘spectrolite’ in Finland. These crystals are tubular. They describe the gemological effect of auenturescence, which occurs when the light bounces off the tiny minerals platelets found inside the stone.

How were Labradorite stones formed?

They were found in the year 1770 on Paul’s Island in Labrador, Northeast of Canada. The beautiful Labradorite is found in igneous rock. It has the triclinic crystal system and is an intermediate to calcic member of the plagioclase series of the mineral. Forty-one percent are made up roughly from the earth’s continental crust by weight as its essential mineral from the Feldspar family. For the past few years, especially in Newfoundland, Russia, Ukraine, Madagascar, and Finland have had good deposits of the Labradorite stone.

Labradorite has a ‘Labradorescence’ about them, too, which they got this name. This mysticism Labradorite stone has its iridescent, and they have been known to the native Inuit community for thousands of years already. And because of their connection with them, they have shamanic, rich vibes and have very beneficial healing properties. Let’s discuss them-

• The Labradorite Necklace creates a better understanding of the relationship and brings good mental health, inner peace, tranquillity for the everyday stress in the person wearing it. It helps facilitate peaceful, restful, and deep sleep.
• This stone reflects on your inner light as it’s the omen for your ability to anticipate trouble and strife before they even arrive. It will help you to get in touch with your inner powers.
• The Labradorite ring helps elevate the consciousness while meditating, and you will observe the reflective qualities of the stone. They will help you setting and manifesting intentions without boundaries.
• You can get all your answers while gazing into the Labradorite pendant and imagining or visualizing your problems. Also, it’s a protective talisman if you travel late at night or through unsafe areas.
• Labradorite earrings will enhance the creative ability and connection, connecting them with the earth beneath our feet, ocean water, stars above us, and the whole sky.
• This Labradorite bracelet helps to bring out the best in the workplace and allows the person to focus.

How to take care of your labradorite stone


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These stones have a longer life when these ornaments are taken care of properly for their practical healing benefits and shine. The Moh’s scale of Labradorite is from 6-6.5, making it susceptible to breakage in extreme pressure. For having the maximum benefits, the stone needs to be recharge timely.

This stone could be clean using a gentle soap and tap water with a soft-bristled toothbrush, then it needs to be clean with a soft cotton cloth. Too much water can also decrease the luster and shine of the Labradorite studs. You can keep it under the sun for not more than half an hour to dry it. Avoid cleaning your precious Labradorite stone using instruments like ultrasonic cleaners or streamers. While you are not wearing the stone, you should keep it in a box with a soft surface inside to prevent scratches caused by hard materials. Try to wear the Labradorite jewelry in the end after getting ready to protect it from harsh chemicals like creams, perfume, and lotions. Remember to take off your jewelry while going to swimming pools, washing dishes, or doing anything that could affect your stone’s shine.

How to choose a Labradorite stone

The price of the Labradorite stone depends on the quality of the stone and its weight. Always ask the buyer about the details of the stone. Look at the stone carefully, you would be able to see the different shades of color from different angles. The stone will remain stagnant, and at one end, it will appear dull and grey. It’s essential to identify and buy the real gemstone, as the increasing population and technology have created fake jewels, but one should distinguish between them.

Where to buy from?

Wear your beautiful Labradorite stones for protection, enlightenment, and recognizing the light in yourself. Buy your favorite stylish Labradorite jewelry from the most trusted website, Rananjay Exports. You can see their beautiful collection of Labradorite jewelry online, buy it, and have a good experience, as they have the most trusted and authentic wholesale gemstone jewelry.