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November 28, 2023

Five Cat Fence Solutions that will Work Definitely

  • December 24, 2021
  • 3 min read
Five Cat Fence Solutions that will Work Definitely

In recent years, people have drastically changed their views on pet ownership. It is no longer about being a pet owner, or even a cat or dog owner. We are now looking to acquire a new member of our family, a companion. We love our pets, take care of them, earn their respect and try our best for them to be happy. 

Many cat owners are torn between whether to let their cats roam free in the outdoors or keep them safe indoors. There are several paths cat owners have to take, and they don’t have to choose between the safety and happiness of their pet cats. 

We have discussed several safety tips which you can consider before your cat is allowed to roam around outside your home. Many cat owners seek to allow their cats as much freedom as possible while also keeping them safe. The best way to accomplish this goal is to create an enclosure around the perimeter your property, yes a cat fence. Below are the most popular cat fences on the market. 

Metal Fences 

Your yard may have a metal fence that keeps your dog safe. If this is true, you might need to make adjustments to the fence to suit your cat’s needs. Enclose the arch of fence. To stop your cat from jumping and climbing, for this you can angle its top.

Wireless Cat Fence

This system is a great alternative to a traditional fence. It is as simple as burying electronic wire around your yard. Then, have your cat wear the receiver collar. You will hear a warning buzz, vibration or mild shock if your cat gets close to the boundary. The shock can also be adjusted. 

Remote Cat Fence

A remote electric cat fence can be another option for an outdoor pet enclosure. It can be used to stop your pet’s leaving a particular area. It works by attaching a small electric current at your pet’s collar once they have crossed the line. A gentle stun to the neck may cause some discomfort, but it is intended to help your pet understand what their boundaries are. 

 Coyote Rollers 

PVC and pipes are two options to keep animals from climbing over fences. The effectiveness of these solutions may vary as they haven’t been properly tested or designed to contain cats. A coyote-proofing roller is one example. It was originally made to keep coyotes from your backyard. 

Net Extensions & Freestanding Cat Fences 

If there is no cat fence around your property, a freestanding fence might be an option. These fences are often made of mesh wire and metal posts. The wire is bent inwards to bend at the ends and extends up to a few ft. If they are high enough, they may be an option to prevent your cat’s escape. The privacy fence does not block the view of your property, unlike the privacy fencing. Alternatively, net extensions can be bent inwardly and installed on existing fencing to achieve similar results.