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December 4, 2023

Exclusive Gifts for The Festival Of Holi

  • August 9, 2021
  • 4 min read
Exclusive Gifts for The Festival Of Holi

Holi is a festival of colours and is one of the most auspicious and important Hindu festivals. It is celebrated in the month of March and marks the onset of the summer season. Holi celebration begins and the rush increases in the market a week earlier. 

Holika dahan is performed the night before Holi. Next day, the Holi festival begins. People apply colours to each other and spread happiness and joy.

In the evening people dress up in new clothes and visit each other’s house. They apply abeer and gulal to each other and enjoy eating delicious desserts and special dishes. Apart from all this celebration, a gifting ceremony is also performed. People exchange gifts among each other. 

These days the market is full of gifts options exclusive for Holi. These gifts are available in online shopping websites and gift stores as well. So you can do online gift shopping as well. If you are looking for gift ideas for Holi, check out the below-mentioned list and choose one for your loved ones. 


Combos are these days the most favourite and popular gift among people. Combos are combinations of two or more items taken together, such as flower and chocolate combo, cake and flower combo, dessert combo, dry-fruits combo etc. For Holi you can choose gulal and sweet combo, dry fruits and gulal combo, snack and sweet combo etc. People prefer cupcakes, diet chocolates, green tea, coffee combo also as a gift. So you can choose accordingly, depending on the person you want to give it to. 


Who doesn’t love to have a hamper that has a number of items together? Hampers are another most loved gift. It has small knick-knacks and looks aesthetically pleasing and attractive. There are ready-made hampers available on the market. But you can certainly choose to make one on your own. You can make a fitness hamper, dessert hamper, sweets hamper, snack hamper or a combination of all. Digital hampers, skin-care hampers, health care hampers are also in trend these days. You can choose according to your choices.

Colourful Plants-

With the increase in awareness about the environment among people, plants are chosen as a great and eco-friendly gift. These days there is a variety of plants available. From green leafy plants to colourful flowering plants, options are uncountable. For the Holi festivals, you can choose a colourful plant. Plants not only provide fresh air but are also aesthetically pleasing and spread positive vibes. 

Customised Gift-

Customized gifts can never be wrong on any occasion. But they are preferred and appreciated among all the other options. A personalised mug, photo cushion, name plate, a box of assorted and handcrafted chocolate etc. can be great gifts. They are exclusive and can be customised according to Holi. 

Digital Gifts-

This is the era of technology, and people have become more digital and techno freaks. With advancement in technology every day, the role of digitalised products has increased in our life. Our life has become totally dependent on gadgets. From smartphones to laptops, we use it all, especially due to the pandemic situation. Digital products like audio-book subscription, Netflix subscription, health cards, worksheets for children, Premium membership of apps, software etc. are preferred over traditional gifts because they are more useful to people these days. Gadgets such as a bluetooth speaker, earphones, alexa, chords, portable charger, tablets, stylus, etc can also be included in feasible gifts. 

Home decor-

People visit each other’s house on the Holi, and thus everyone wants their home to look clean and beautiful. So home decor gifts can be a great option. These days there is a variety of home decor available to choose from. Curtains, bedsheets, beautiful flower vases, LED lights, fairy lights, chandeliers, candle holders, aroma candles, baskets etc are available in various designs and styles in shops as well as online shopping websites. So you can choose to get some of the home decors as a gift for your loved ones. 

With online services available, you can send gifts to India from the US via online delivery services. So things have become more convenient these days. I hope you liked the article and found it helpful. Choose any of the gifts from the above and get it for your loved ones.