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Everything You Need for Grand Canyon White Water Rafting

  • February 23, 2022
  • 4 min read

The Grand Canyon is an iconic natural wonder known around the world. Generations of families have visited the site since it was established as a National Park in 1919. However, most of those visitors only get to experience the awe-inspiring wonders from the top of the canyon overlooking the mighty Colorado River. If you are up for a real adventure, there are outfitters offering white water rafting adventures at the bottom of the canyon.

With a white water rafting adventure, you can experience the Grand Canyon like very few people have. You’ll experience roaring water with refreshing splashes, swirling rapids, and the exciting adrenaline rush of floating through rock formations that are millions of years old. Your adventure will take you down the mighty Colorado River as you explore the natural forces that have carved out the Grand Canyon for millions of years. From breathtaking views and pristine water to class II and III rapids, your rafting adventure through the Grand Canyon is sure to offer something new around every turn.

Your rafting adventure can be as relaxing or as wild as you choose. When selecting a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon, you can choose your own adventure. Trips vary between a few days to over a week-long, letting you select the adventure level and journey you want. Your Grand Canyon white water rafting trip will be an unforgettable experience. Let’s take a look at some things that you will need for your trip.

Choosing Your Adventure


Depending on how long you want to be gone on your trip, you can choose different parts of the canyon to see. You can choose a longer trip that covers over 200 miles of the Colorado River for an ultimate adventure or a shorter trip that packs a lot of action into a few days. You will need to consider your ability level and what kind of adventure you are up for. Based on your trip selection, you may be required to hike and take other expeditions that will dictate what you need to bring.

Bringing Your Gear


Over the course of your trip, you can take hikes through slot canyons or up and over with great elevation changes. Some hikes will take you on a tour of ancient American history and scenic waterfalls. The hikes can range from difficult to strenuous. You will need good hiking shoes and footwear for your rafting trip. It will also be a good idea to investigate temperatures and weather conditions for your trip to better understand the clothes and accessories you may need to bring.

In addition to your clothing, you need to plan for your camping adventure. Because you will be required to carry everything on rafts down the river, there isn’t an opportunity for many comforts of home. You will need to pack your stuff into a duffle bag that will be placed into a waterproof bag. Most outfitters will supply you with a sleeping bag, ground tarp, and sheet. You will not be able to bring everything you normally bring on vacation, so it will be important to communicate with your tour company about what you should bring.

All of your meals will be provided by the outfitter, so there is no need to worry about this aspect, however, you should communicate any dietary needs that you have as everything will be pre-planned. The most important thing to remember is that you have very limited space and will only be able to bring a few things. You will have to craft your packing list carefully.

A rafting trip down the Colorado River into the Grand Canyon is an experience of a lifetime. With some planning and consideration, you can have the best river trip.