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December 8, 2022

Easy hairstyles for girls that you can do in 60 seconds

  • October 11, 2021
  • 4 min read
Easy hairstyles for girls that you can do in 60 seconds

The hairstyles for girls can be so special, creative, and flattering as yours. Girls have that grace that childhood gives them and that allows them to be ideal with almost any style, from a patterned dress to Bermuda shorts and sports shoes or Mary Janes, everything looks good on them. In hair matters, the same thing happens. From the two schoolgirl braids to a loose mane adorned with bows or a headband, or a tousled bun, almost any hairstyle is doable (and works) on a girl. If you are skilled, you will also be able to afford the odd virginity but, believe us, simple hairstyles are just as beautiful and have the great advantage that you can do them in a few minutes.

When choosing how to style your daughter, you just have to take into account a few factors. Are you going to a children’s birthday or a family celebration that requires a more careful look? The weddings and communions are those special moments when, if you like, you can implement a more elaborate braid that although Iran also ideal with her hair and, for example, a headband -. On a day-to-day basis, it is best to resort to simple hairstyles that will vary depending on your daughter’s hair: straight or curly, long or short. Here we have selected some of the easy and beautiful hairstyles for girls that you can start to implement right now.

  • The High Tail

The ponytail lemonade braids– or ponytail – are the most universal updo that exists. It is comfortable, it is flattering and it is versatile for us and also for the little ones, which will allow them to maintain their intense activity without being aware that their hair can bother them. They work at any time of the year and on any occasion. Ideal for solving a quick and easy hairstyle in the morning, but also for a special occasion. In the latter case, adding a pretty headband will give your little girl a special touch and a new look.

  • The Off-Duty Bow

This is the name of that high bun, which leaves the face clear and which works at any time of the year and on any occasion. It is one of our favorite hairstyles and it will also become the favorite of the little ones thanks to its extra comfort. With a T-shirt and jeans, with a summer dress, with a sports outfit … any style can be the ideal companion for the off-duty bow tie.

  • The Semi-Picked With Bow

It is one of the favorite hairstyles of celebrities and, probably, yours too. In the case of the smallest ones, it works because it has the most complete recipe: it is super comfortable, highly versatile, it is quite easy to do and it works with almost all the hair options. It does not matter if your daughter has straight or curly hair, more or less long, the Half-up bun works with all types of hair and, although it has a reputation for being an informal updo, it can adapt to big occasions with a little blow-drying.

  • The Sloped Braid

The braid is a classic in the universe of children’s hairstyles. We like them because they are simple, flattering, and can be declined in a thousand and one versions. In this case, we bet on a lopsided version that is also adorned with a satin bow, a perfect alternative to complete a look for a special occasion.

  • The Tyrolese Braids

Naive and romantic, the Tyrolean braids gathered around the head are worthy of a princess and, therefore, the perfect alternative for the smallest of the house. Despite its apparent complexity, you only need a little practice and, an essential condition, a mane of a certain length.

  • The Semi-Collected Melena

There is no simpler hairstyle than this: a flowing mane simply adorned with a pair of special bobby pins or barrettes to give it fresh air. The best? It works on a day-to-day basis and on important occasions. We cannot ask for more. Read about Ralph Macchio’s son Daniel Macchio.