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October 1, 2023
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Easy guide for parents raising child with special needs

  • June 11, 2023
  • 4 min read
Easy guide for parents raising child with special needs

One out of five Australians have a disability in some form or even the other. Raising a  kids have permanent disability is undeniably full of challenges. But at same time its rewarding experience. For caregivers of children with special needs, it is extremely crucial to develop an understanding about all specific challenges that are faced while raising kids with unique & special requirements. Bringing up children with special needs incorporates the experience of parenting kids facing either physical/ intellectual/ emotional impairment, which hampers their ability to function normally in their day-to-day lives.

Data on children with disability in Australia

According to the Sydney University research, parents with children having special needs are repeatedly informed about some of the issues faced which include:

  • Society isolation
  • Discipline
  • Concerns about relationship
  • Family planning

What all service supports are available for parents?

There are Government funded support services for assisting individuals who have disabilities. The goal is to provide them with all sorts of resources and assistance which is required for helping them to live independently & happily. However, this assistance is available to the candidates and is not extended to help out the parents & caregivers, unless and until they have a disability. As the leading & best disability support Melbourne service provider, the organization is here to work in close association with the parents & other care teams and support coordinators. This is for extending the best possible of service based on the unique requirements as well as goals.

Although parenting a child with special needs is accompanied by challenges in many different forms, but at the same time some strategies can assist the parents in not only coping but also thriving as a family. Parenting a child who requires additional support & care can put extra stress on the family members.

This blog covers a few of the tips that can be used by care givers for overcoming the challenges of parenting children having special needs:

  • Built support network

This is quite a crucial strategy that can be utilized by parents while raising their child. So, they can build a connection with other families having children with disabilities. Also seeking the appropriate support as well as the resources from the organisations is crucial. Parents can also join support groups as well as look for therapy and this goes a long way in understanding and coping up with the challenges while dealing with a child having a disability.

  • Advocate children needs

The parents of such children need to be aware of their unique condition. Also, they should be in the position of advocating for their unique needs. This is possible when they will work closely with the healthcare providers, care support staff, educators, and all other involved professionals.

  • Gaining access to resources & supports

Seek out and stay informed about how you can access resources and all available supports.

  • Communication

There are times when a child having a disability may not be able to communicate within a conventional sense. For example; children having autism find difficulty in speaking clearly. But non-verbal gestures can also represent the trait of a certain disability. In such a scenario, you can make use of sign language or make use of technology or application for communication. Also, in front of your kid, you should look understanding, highly optimistic, and provide reassurance. This helps your child to better cope up and succeed.

Final tips & suggestions for helping parents raising kids with special needs

Families caring for children with special care face enormous challenges throughout their journey. For assisting, supporting & accompanying parents having children with special needs, NDIS provider Melbourne provides a comprehensive array of solutions all throughout Melbourne state. The children’s disability support program has been specifically designed for elevating the potential stressors of caretakers, and for achieving the best possible outcome.


The support workers employed at NDIS provider Melbourne assist by working closely with you for understanding your unique requirements during their development. They help the parents to make informed decisions for enhancing the growth of their children. Also, they are letting them advocate multiple support provisions and determining all the steps that are needed for attaining their fullest potential. Are you looking forward to more information about NDIS care and support for your child? If yes then get in touch with the disabilities support service team!