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July 4, 2022

Do You Know What Double-Paned Window? What are the Advantages of Such Windows?

  • January 14, 2022
  • 3 min read
Do You Know What Double-Paned Window? What are the Advantages of Such Windows?

The old design of single-paned window with one sheet of glass is now being replaced with the more popular and energy-efficient double-paned window. Although double-paned windows were first introduced in the market in the 1950s, they were not widely used at homes until the 1970s.

Both new construction and replacement windows now come with double-glazed windows as standard in Sydney. In areas where the weather is very harsh, triple-paned windows are occasionally advised for optimal insulation.

British Bi-folding Door Factory is one of the suppliers of such double glazing windows, which are designed and manufactured as per British standards. You can get both high performance and also a long warranty for such windows.

What are double-glazed windows?

A variety of materials, including wood, aluminium, and uPVC, are used to make double hung windows. All of the materials are suitable for double-hung windows and can be double-glazed.

A window with two panes of glass is referred to as double-glazed. There are triple-glazed windows as well (three panes). Insulation is aided by the several panes of glass in a single window frame. As a result, they help with energy expenditures and provide increased comfort, two features of windows that consumers tend to value these days.

A spacer and a still layer of argon gas separates double glazing Bristol windows (also known as insulating glass units, or IGUs). The glass is then inserted into the frame, which has been designed to accommodate the two panes. Double-glazed double-hung windows require additional manufacturing stages, although it is doable and becoming increasingly popular.

The R-value of IGU windows is used to rate them. The system determines the material’s energy transfer resistance. If the R-value is higher, the resistance will also be greater and similarly the lower will be this value the lower will be the insulating value.

Advantages of double-paned windows

Despite the fact that glass is not a particularly effective thermal insulator, it can be used to seal and maintain a buffer from the elements. When it comes to a home’s energy efficiency, double-paned windows outperform single-paned windows by providing a better barrier against outside temperatures.

An inert (safe and non-reactive) gas, such as argon, krypton, or xenon, is typically used to fill the gap between the panes of glass in a double-paned window, increasing the window’s resistance to energy transfer. 

Despite the fact that gas-filled windows are more expensive than air-filled windows, the gas is denser than air, making your home far more comfortable. There are distinctions among the three types of gas used by window manufacturers:

  • Krypton is frequently used in triple-paned windows because it functions best within extremely narrow gaps. 
  • Argon is a common and most economical type of gas.
  • Xenon is a cutting-edge insulating gas that is expensive and not often employed in-home applications.

Holding an object against the glass, such as a pen or pencil, until you see a reflection is an easy way to determine if you have single- or double-paned windows. You have a single-paned window if you only see one reflection of the item. A double-paned window will be shown by two reflections of the item.